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Unit 20 Obligations & requirements

Grammar Practice Complete these sentences with must or the correct form of have to + the words in the box. Sometimes it is possible to use either must or have to; however, please write ONE answer only. The first one has been done for you as an example.

P.205 1

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements 1

My hair is getting far too long. I ____________________ a must have haircut.


have to go and see I can’t join you tomorrow. I _________________________ my dentist.


must ‘You’re dehydrated,’ the doctor said. ‘You _____________ drink ______________ more water after exercise.’


had to stand The bus was full. I _____________________ for the entire

journey. OPTIONS

P.205 2

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements 5

must tell ‘You _________________ the truth,’ he said.


must celebrate this My grandma turns 90 tomorrow. We ________________

special occasion. 7

must meet Kate is a very nice person. You _________________ her when she next visits.


must/ My brother is going to study overseas. He __________ has to learn __________________ to take care of himself.


P.205 4

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements 9

Julia’s eyesight is quite weak. She’s ________________ had to wear glasses since she was very young.

10 ‘Your cousin is coming to Hong Kong,’ my mother said to me. have to share your room with her when she ‘You _________________ comes.’


P.205 6

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Read the statements and form follow-up questions for them using must or have to + the given words/phrases. The first one has been done for you as an example.

P.205 8

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements 1

‘I’m going on a hike this Saturday,’ Sam told his mother. Must you/Do you have to go hiking ‘ _______________________________________________ (go hiking) this Saturday? Your uncle is coming over for lunch,’ Sam’s mother replied.


‘I’ve got to go,’ Jane told John hurriedly. Must you/Do you have to go now ‘________________________________________________ (go now)? Peter will be back soon,’ John said.

P.205 9

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements 3

‘There was a long queue at the Ngong Ping 360 station when we arrived,’ Anita said. did you have to wait ‘How long ________________________________________ (wait)?’ Alan asked.


‘Sorry I can’t meet you tomorrow evening,’ Ben said. Must you/Do you have to work overtime ‘Why? ___________________________________________ (work overtime) again?’ his friend asked.

P.205 10

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements 5

‘Please fill in this form,’ the receptionist told the job applicant. Must I/Do I have to fill it in ‘________________________________________________

(fill it in) using English or Chinese?’ the applicant asked. 6

‘Derek was fined for not returning his library book on time.’ Albert said. did he have to pay ‘How much ______________________________________ (pay)?’ Fred asked.

P.206 11

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements 7

‘The sink is blocked. We’d better get a plumber,’ sighed Mrs Leung. Must we/Do we have to get a plumber ‘ _______________________________________________ (get a plumber)? I’m quite sure I can fix it myself,’ her husband insisted.


‘Jessica is going to South Africa next week,’ Tom said. Does she have to get a visa ‘ _______________________________________________ (get a visa)?’ Tom’s sister asked.

P.206 12

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements 9

‘The bus broke down while I was travelling to school yesterday,’ John said. Did you have to take another bus ‘ _______________________________________________ (take another bus)?’ Jack asked.

10 ‘You can borrow my camera,’ Albert said. ‘I’m not using it today. You can return it tomorrow.’ Must I/Do I have to return it tomorrow ‘ _______________________________________________

(return it tomorrow)?’ Mark asked. ‘Or can I keep it until Saturday?’

P.206 13

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Complete the sentences in Column A using the phrases in Column B. Each phrase in Column B can be used ONCE only. The first one has been done for you as an example.

P.206 14

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements

Column A 1

This is our secret. You ____ anyone.

C _________


I can take care of myself. You ____ about me.

E _________


It’s not your fault. You ____ yourself.

A _________


I’m not thirsty. You ____ me a drink.

D _________


It was sunny and warm the whole time.

H _________

We ____ our coats.


P.206 15

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements

Column A 6

We’re eating out tonight. You ____ dinner

B _________

for us. 7

I must plan better during this busy period,

G _________

____ ? 8

There’s a supermarket in our neighbourhood.

F _________

We ____ far to get what we need.


P.206 17

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Circle the correct words to complete the sentences. The first one has been done for you as an example.

P.207 19

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements 1

I don’t need to set / needn’t have set my alarm before going to bed last night because I was awake before daybreak.


I didn’t need to get up / needn’t have got up early this morning, so I stayed in bed until 9 o’clock.


We don’t need to worry / needn’t have worried about the test. It wasn’t as difficult as expected.


We have lots of leftover food. We don’t need to bring /

needn’t have brought so much food to the class party.

P.207 20

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements 5

You needn’t put / needn’t have put the dictionary back. I’m about to use it.


There weren’t many people at the restaurant. We don’t need to bother / needn’t have bothered making a reservation.


I have to work late this evening. You don’t need to wait / needn’t have waited for me for dinner.

P.207 21

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Complete the sentences using must/mustn’t, (don’t/doesn’t/didn’t) have/need to, needn’t (have) or had to, followed by a suitable verb. The first one has been done for you as an example.

P.207 22

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements 1

doesn’t have to wear Unlike her sister, Kate ___________________________ glasses.


have to/must be You _________________________ over 18 to apply for a full driving license in Hong Kong.


needn’t have worried about failing Tom ________________________________________ the test – he passed with flying colours!


don’t have to/ We can stay a little longer. We _______________________ needn’t go ___________________ yet.

P.207 23

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements 5

mustn’t keep You ________________________ your friends waiting. It’s quite an impolite thing to do.


Your hair is almost covering your eyes. You really must go ______________ to the hairdresser’s soon.


must tell That’s great news! I _______________________ my sister.

She’ll be so glad to hear that. 8

needn’t have left Ann ________________________ the door unlocked when she left. We have our own key for the music room.

P.207 24

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements 9

have to/need to give/offera detailed answer. I You don’t _____________________________ just want the main points.

have to collect 10 The book I have ordered has arrived. I ___________________ it from the bookshop. (Note: accept all reasonable answers)

P.207 25

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements

Language Practice Fill in each blank in the conversation with NO MORE THAN FOUR words. The first one has been done for you as an example.

P.208 26

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Dr Stuart Good morning! You (1) be Mr

must (1) ____________

Wong. Please take a seat.

Mr Wong Morning, Dr Stuart. (2) you please

Could/ Would/Can (2) ____________

tell me the results of my medical check-up?

P.208 27

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Dr Stuart Sure. Frankly, I (3) say that your health condition at the moment is not quite satisfactory … You (4) be very careful. Mr Wong What? Am I diagnosed with some

(would) have to/ would/ regret to/ am sorry to (3) ____________ have to/ need to/ will need to (4) ____________

kind of critical illness? Do I need an operation? Oh dear … I don’t want to die yet!

P.208 28

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Dr Stuart Oh, don’t worry. You (5) surgery. However, your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are high, so you (6) keep an eye on your lifestyle

don’t need/ won’t need (5) ____________ must/have to/need to (6) ____________

and eating habits, as they are

crucial to your health.

P.208 29

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Mr Wong Thank goodness … So what should I do now?

Dr Stuart Starting today, you (7) maintain a healthier lifestyle by exercising regularly, for example. And in

my opinion, you (8) drink less

have to/ need to (7) ____________ have to/ need to/ should/ ought to (8) ____________


P.208 30

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Mr Wong All right, but I am usually very busy at work and have no time for sport. (9) I take medicines for

Can (9) ____________

my conditions instead?

P.208 31

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Dr Stuart As I often tell patients, you (10) exercise every day. Try exercising for thirty minutes three times a week. Besides, you (11) reduce

don’t need to/don’t have to (10) ____________ have to/ should/ need to (11) ____________

your sodium intake and practise a

healthier diet.

P.208 32

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Mr Wong I’m sorry … What do you mean by reducing sodium intake?

Dr Stuart That means eating less salt. It may be quite difficult at the beginning, but for the sake of

your health you (12) keep your

must/have to/need to (12) ____________

blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control.

P.209 33

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Mr Wong Okay, doctor … So (13) take any medicine?

Dr Stuart Yes, you (14) take some blood pressure and cholesterol-reducing drugs, and you (15) see me again

do I need to/do I have to/should I (13) ____________ have to/ (14) ____________ need to will have to/ (15) ____________ will need to

in six months to follow up.

P.209 34

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Mr Wong Thank you, doctor. (16) I close the

Should (16) ____________

door or leave it open?

Dr Stuart Please leave it open for me. I (17)

must/ need to (17) ____________

speak to the nurse about your prescription. (Note: accept all reasonable answers)

P.209 35

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Complete the passage by underlining the correct options. The first one has been done for you as an example.

P.209 36

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Whether you are a rapper, a folk singer, or a fan of pop or rock

music, you are now just a few clicks away from becoming the winner of the Next Biggest Singer-songwriter Contest! You (1) ( will not be / had not been / should not be / need not be ) as good as Eric Clapton or John Lennon to enter, but you (2) ( might be / would need to / had to show / must be ) enthusiastic

about your own original music.

P.209 37

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements The Contest (3) ( opened / is open / welcomes / is welcomed ) to

all genres and acts. The only exception is that no pre-recorded accompaniment music (4) ( must not be / will be / could have been / have to be ) allowed in your performance, which means

you (5) ( must provide / have to use / needn’t have brought / must not bring ) your own instrument to perform your original music, or sing a cappella, live in front of the judges and


P.209 38

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Contestants (6) ( will be / would be / had to be / must be ) under

28 years old, and (7) ( may not have / must not have / can have / need not have ) a contract with any record label when submitting an application, or they will be disqualified. Interested parties (8) ( will apply / have applied / can apply / would apply ) online

from 1 December to 31 December. A non-refundable application fee of $100 (9) ( will be paid / has been paid / has to be paid /

might be paid ) upon submitting the application.

P.210 39

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Contestants (10) ( have submitted / must submit / might submit /

can submit ) an MP3 file of their demo together with the application. The demo (11) ( will be / could be / can be / must be ) the contestant’s original song, but it (12) ( might not be / would

not be / must not be / does not need to be ) of studio quality. The materials submitted, which (13) ( need not have returned / do not have to be returned / must not return / will not be returned ),

P.210 40

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements (14) ( must not infringe / need not comply with / must have

breached / need not infringe ) any person’s intellectual property rights, or else the contestant will be disqualified. Auditions (15) ( could take place / will be held / could have been

held / must have taken place ) on 20 January. If you are selected for an audition, you (16) ( can notify / will notify / will be notified / might be notified ) by email within ten days of your submission,

P.210 41

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements and you (17) ( have made / need not make / had to make / will

have to make ) yourself available for all promotional appearances required for the Contest. Ten finalists (18) ( could have been chosen / need not have been chosen / should have been

chosen / will be chosen ) and they (19) ( will perform / should perform / have performed / could be performing ) at the Hong Kong Coliseum!

P.210 42

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Apply today and don’t miss this great chance to let your music

touch others! (20) ( Could / Should / Can / Do ) you have any queries, please call us on 3721 8281 or write to us at [email protected].

P.210 43

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Use the information given to fill in each blank in the advertisements with NO MORE THAN FOUR words. Two have been done for you as examples.

P.211 44

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements

Barista wanted American Café in Sha Tin is now recruiting an experienced have to barista to join our team. You (1) _________________ be must available to work on shift and you (2) _________________

possess good coffee-making skills. Applicants (3) ________ should/ ought to have at least two years of experience but you ________ have to/need to possess/have latte art skills. won’t (4) _____________________________


P.211 45

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements

RECRUITING: Junior Chef An Italian restaurant (Ciao Ciao) is looking for a Junior needn’t/don’t need to/ don’t have to/need not have any Chef. Applicants (5) _______________________ must experience in the field, but they (6) ___________________ be passionate about cooking. Good verbal communication would skills (7) ___________________ be a bonus.


P.211 47

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements Urgently seeking Shop Assistants for Japanese fashion shop We are looking for bright, energetic and well-mannered individuals to join our team as shop assistants. Applicants for this position (8) must ___________________ have at least three years of experience in need the retail fashion industry. You don’t (9) ___________________ to should possess a university degree but you (10) ___________________ have a good command of English and Mandarin.


P.211 49

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements

Free Cooking Classes

Good news for cooking lovers! The Home Economics Club now offers cooking classes at school. You (11) __________ needn’t/don’t need to/ need not/don’t have to provide your own ingredients ________________________ have to/need to or cooking utensils, but you (12) ______________________ bring your own apron. Contact the Home Economics Club for further details.


P.212 51

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements

Free Creative Writing Course Ming Wah College is now launching a free creative writing course with sci-fi author K. Adams as the lecturer. Applicants

must (13) ___________________ be students of Ming Wah College should/ought to submit a writing portfolio to and (14) ___________________ the College office with the application.


P.212 53

Unit 20 Obligations & requirements

will For students enrolled on the course, we (15) ______________ offer inspiring creative writing lectures as well as analysis of selected masterpieces.

(Note: accept all reasonable answers)


P.212 55

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