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Art TOK Presentation By Bryan Ku and Jason Hon


Art doesn’t produce knowledge, it only evokes emotion

What does the claim mean? The claim means the expression that is being evoked from the artwork can only be about emotions and not about our understandings and knowledge.

Articulate arguments supported with evidence and example People are more familiar with the renaissance period artists to have high class skill to create fine arts that evoke emotions. This is because people believe in that art is an artistic way to express one’s feelings and emotions through intense and complex imagery and symbolism.

Real-World Implication for Accepting the Claim “as it is” Artist who wants to evoke the different types of emotions can express it through the imagery of the artwork. Gustav Klimt was an artist that took inspiration from the Renaissance period and created an artwork called “The Kiss.” Painting a man and a women kissing evokes the emotion of love and companionship.

Articulate Counterarguments supported evidence and examples against the claim There are artist who creates art based off their understandings and connections to the real-world. For example, Ai Weiwei is a Chinese contemporary artist who creates art based off his political activism. Showing his critiques of the Chinese government control people’s rights through his artwork. Ai Weiwei is an example of an artist who doesn’t use emotions to create art but uses his knowledge and understanding of the Chinese government to create it.

With respect to the arguments and counterarguments, outline your own position that provides a sense of ‘moving forward’ or ‘coming to terms’ with the argument Art should not only be seen as a way for artist to express their own emotions, but to also to illustrate their understandings and knowledge about a situation that interests them. This makes art more open toward others which then allows them to explore these two different types to create art.

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