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1. Who recorded the process variolation (inducing infected particles in body for small pox) for the first time in the world? a) American and Russian c) Chinese and Turks b) Japanese and Korean d) Indians and Africans 2. Who coined the name vaccination or vaccine? a) Edward Jenner c) Max Theiler b) Robert Koch d) Louis Pasteur 3. Who discovered phagocytosis? a) Paul ehrlich c) Jules Bordet b) Elie Metchnikoff d) Emil von Behring 4. Which receptor molecule activates immune cells responses after physical barrier breach a) TCR c) Fc receptors b) TLRs d) B cell receptors 5. Cell type Receptor i. Antigen presenting cells CD8+ ii. B cells MHC iii. Helper T cells BCR iv. Cytotoxic T cells CD4+ a) iv, i, ii, iii c) i, ii, iii, iv b) ii, i,iii, iv d) iv,ii,I,iii 6. Arthus reaction belongs to which type of hypersensitivity a) Type I c) Type III b) Type II d) Type IV 7. T helper cells binds to a) Free antigen c) Antigen+ MHC I b) Antigen+ MHC II d) APCs+Antigen 8. Which of the following cells are antigen non specific? a) Lymphocytes c) Mast cells b) Stem cells d) accessory cells 9. Due to genetic defects, a person X has no antibody and person Y has no T cells. X person is more likely to succumb to a) Diphtheria c) malignant myeloma b) influenza d) polio 10. similarly person Y is more likely to succumb to a) Diphtheria c) malignant myeloma b) influenza d) polio TOPIC: CELLS AND ORGANS OF IMMUNE SYSTEM

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1. from which part of embryo do the RBC and WBC develop or form a) yolk sac c) fetal spleen b) fetal liver d) bone marrow 2. Which cells provides HIM (hematopoietic inducing- microenvironment) for hematopoietic stem cell? a) Muscle cells c) stromal cells b) Bone marrow cells d) lymphoid cells 3. Mach the following APCs



natural killer cells



Granulocyte-Monocyte progenitor

dendritic cells

Lymphoid progenitor


a) iv, ii, iii, i, v c) iii, v, iv, i, ii b) iv, iii, ii, i, v d) iii, v, i, ii, iv 4. At what size will the lymphocytes is called lymphoblast? a) 12µm c)6µm b) 3µm d)15µm 5. Which type of receptor will the NK cells express during ADCC (antibody dependent cell cytotoxicity)? a) CD3 c) CD21 b) CD4 d) CD16 6. Which of the following generally do not apply to bone marrow? a) cellular proliferation b) differentiation of lymphocytes c) cellular interaction d) antigen dependent response 7. Which of the following applies uniquely to secondary lymphoid organ? a) presence of precursor of B and T cells b) circulation of lymphocyte c) terminal differentiation d) cellular proliferation

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8. Major function of lymphoid system is a) innate immunity b) inflammation c) phagocytosis d) Acquired immunity 9. Removal of bursa of fabricus from a chicken results in a) A markedly decreased no of circulating T cells b) anemia c) A delayed rejection of skin graft d) no serum level of Ab 10. The germinal centers found in the cortical region of lymph nodes and peripheral region of spleenic lymphatic tissue a) support development of immature B and T cell b) Removed damaged RBCs from circulation c) act as a source of stem cell d) provide a infrastructure that on antigenic stimulation contains population B cell and plasma cell 11. which of the following statements are correct about NK cells ? a)) They proliferate in response to antigen b) They kill target cells by phagocytosis and intracellular digestion c) they are the subset of polymorphonuclear cells d) they kill target cells in a extracellular fashion 12. Mature dentritic cells are capable of which of the following a) Activation of native antigen specific T cells b) Removal of RBCs c) Production of bradykinnins d) Extracellular killing of target cell.

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