Interview Skill (job And Negotiation) By: Annisa Sabrina Djunaedy Brawijaya University

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INTERVIEW SKILL (JOB AND NEGOTIATION) by: Annisa Sabrina Djunaedy Brawijaya University Good afternoon friends, I’m Annisa Sabrina. My presentation’s today is about interview skill, specially for job interview and negotiation. But I think an interview and negotiation are different. Negotiation is a dialogue like a discussion between two or more people to make a deal that can give advantage for them. While an interview is a conversation between two or more people where the interviewer will ask some questions to the interviewee to get facts or statement from the interviewee. So, the purpose of negotiation is to make a deal, while the purpose an interview is to get facts about the interviewee just by asking some questions. First, I want to explain about job interview. A job interview is a type of employment test that involves a conversation between a job applicant and representative of the employing organization. Interviews are one of the most popularly used for employee selection. During the job interview, the employer hopes to determine the applicant who is suitable for the job. While the applicant tries to learn more about the position while also impressing the employer. Next, I will explain about some tips for a job interview. 1. Knowing the information about the firm and the job opportunity

Before we attend the job interview, we should understand about the background of the firm (such as what type of firm that will interview us), and we also must understand what kind of job position that we apply (such as what the main assigment of that job position). We can search the information about the firm by searching in the internet or read on their website. The more information that we know, the more we will understand about the firm and that job position and the better we will be able to answer the interview question. 2. Review common interview questions and prepare responses Another key to success in interview is preparing responses to some interview question. There are some basic questions that will most likely be asked at job interview, such as: a. Tell me about your self To answer this question, yous should tell about yourself without giving out to much or to little. Just tell about the important that what you want to say such as, your name, your last education, and may be the greates strength of you. b. What are your strength and weakness To answer this question, you must find what the strength and the weakness that you have. And when you answer this question, I suggest that the number of your weakness is not more than the number of your strength. And next questions are: c. Why do you want to work here? d. Why should we hire you? e. What do you know about our company? f. Describe a difficult work situation and how you overcame it? 3. Dress for success The dress that we wear for the job interview is very important to first impression. And In the job interview, what should we wear? 1. The dress which we wear is must not too casual It’s mean that never wear jeans or shirt and we should a formal dress, we can wear a blezzer and soon.

2. Don’t use accessorise too much If we want to use accessorise, we should a simple accessorise and not to much 3. Don’t use piercing and tattos If we use piercing and tattos, we will be bad looking, and the company will feel doubt to choose us. 4. And then we must Facial our hair 5. Use subtle make up, don’t use thick make up with strong colours. 6. Don’t use strong parfume, its because may be the interviewer doesn’t like it. 4. Arrive a few minute before the time of the job interview If we come late to the job interview, may be we will lost our opportunity to get a job. Or may be if we come at the time of job interview, we will be so nervous and may be we will be blank with what we want to say or what we had prepared at home. So, don’t be late 5. And then make good first impressions we must be polite to everyone that we meet, from in front of the firm for example we meet the security we must smile, meet the receptionist, until we meet the interviewer. 6. Remember our body language  First about firm hand shake, when we do a firm handshake with the interviewer, don’t look to bottom, but, look at the interviewer with smiling.  Open posture, like showed at the picture  And then eye contact  Smile  We must relaxed  And listen actively what the interviewer say 7. Closing the intervie If the interview had done, you should standing up and shaking hand, and don’t forget to say “ thank you for the interviewing” or “ thank you for taking the time the interview me, I’m very interested in this position”.

Let’s now turn to the second part, negotiation. What is negotiation? As what i saying before, Negotiation is a dialogue like a discussion between two or more people to make a deal or an agreement that can give advantage for them. There are some points which is importantant in negotiation conversation. 1. Introduction In the beginning of negotiation, you should introduce your self and your company 2. Informal talk We can also say Informal talk with small talk. Small talk is something the break the ice which can create a friendly atmosphere Such as : I hope you had a pleasant flight Are you enjoying malang? How is your hotel?

How is your traffic?

3. Making opening statements Opening statements is the statement which said in order to starting the business We can say : - We had better get down to business - Shall we get down to business? - Well, how about we get down to business? And then we Should tell to the other person What we expect to get up the meeting We can say : -

To start of with... Let me start of by saying.. I’d like to begin by saying... Let me kick things off by saying...

4. Opening proposal Proposal is a formal offer or suggestion which made by one business to another. We can open the proposal by saying: -

Our proposal is... We offer you...

5. Lisent carefully In negotiation, we must listen carefully what our target company’s responses. If we not listen carefully, it’s possible that the negotiation will not give a good result. I think that’s all for me,, thank you for your attention. May be there are some questions or suggest?

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