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Table Of Contents Foreword Chapter 1: Love Spell Basics Chapter 2: The History Of Love Spells Chapter 3: Understanding Hellenistic Spells Chapter 4: Love Spells In The Renaissance Chapter 5: Casting A Love Spell Chapter 6: Love Spell Examples Chapter 7: Tools Used In Love Spells Chapter 8: Love Spells In Folk Tales Chapter 9: Variations Per Region Chapter 10: What The Critics And Proponents Have To Say


Foreword “Magic exists. Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars? Anyone who has loved has been touched by magic. It is such a simple and such an extraordinary part of the lives we live.” ― Nora Roberts. Get all the info you need here.

Love Spells A Look At The Voodoo Of Love


Chapter 1: Introduction

Synopsis Love is undoubtedly one of the best feelings that a person can ever experience in his or her life. This strong emotion can uplift a tired soul, and give joy and hope even to those who are already starting to lose faith in themselves. It is that wonderful feeling that puts you in Cloud 9 and makes you want to start dreaming of things, like forever and happy ever after. Love is that thing that you read in fairy tales and wish that it will also happen in your own life. It is about finding your Prince Charming or Miss Right and spending the whole eternity with that one person who has touched your heart. Love is the very thing that makes the world go round and makes the whole ride a lot more fun and enjoyable. And for some, love is simply that magical feeling that takes you to an entirely different realm where only you and your special someone exists. Unfortunately, not all of us have been lucky enough as far as love is concerned, and this is the very reason why love spells exist.


Love Spells – An Overview Love spells are actually the magical formulas that have been specially designed in order to find, draw, bind, attract, or even induce love. These spells are entirely different from sex magic, or spelled as “magick.” The love spells in particular are aimed to procuring or producing love, while sex magic, on the other hand, makes use of sexual emotions and love at times in order to bring about that desired results that can or cannot be associated to love in any way. For instance, Tantric magick aims to accomplish the union with a god and is related to the enlightenment state. Meanwhile, love spells are more concerned in making a person fall in or out of love with another person. Sorts of Love Spells There are actually no sorts of love spells. Just like the usual spells, the love spells can also range from those simple incantations up to the complicated magical rituals. Love spells can range from something like a prayer to that heartfelt wish. Also, love spells can be talismans, amulets, sigils, voodoo dolls, mojos, fetishes, wangas, powders, potions, and philters. In fact, love spells can take just about any form that you can think of.


Purpose of Love Spells You can use love spells for different purposes, such as:  Finding and attracting love.  Binding lovers.  Enhancing and stimulating love.  Maximizing sex appeal.  Beautifying the caster in order to attract love.  Divining the whereabouts or presence of love. Whether you want to find your true love or you want to make sure that your present love will last for a whole lifetime, love spells are the best things that can help you achieve just that.


Chapter 2: The History Of Love Spells

Synopsis Love spells and their origin cannot be easily traced to a particular place or culture because it has been in existence throughout the numerous centuries in all corners of the world. This is the very reason why pinpointing the history of love spells has been quite a difficult task to accomplish.


The History


But if you will take a closer look, you will discover that almost all cultures can find their own unique traces of spell casting in their past. So far, love spells take on two forms. The first one was based on the Curses that attempt to control the will of the Target in order to fulfill the Caster’s desire or the person who is asking for the Caster’s assistance. On the other hand, the second form is much closer to those that are extensively practiced today that make use of Rituals and Spells for drawing one person’s love to another. The Greeks gave prayers and offerings to Goddess Aphrodite, hoping that they will gain her favor about their love affairs. Just like the rest of the cultures, there were those who have called out to those in the realms of magic in their desire to get the love that they want. If the Greeks had Aphrodite, the Egyptians had their Magick practitioners and priests who channeled the gods’ will and provided with the people with the help they needs as far as love is concerned. Just like majority of the cultures, offerings and prayers were also given to the gods so that they will give their favors to the requests of the person who asked for assistance. Meanwhile, the Druids carried out Magick with the use of special rituals that use various kinds of herbs as well as other materials that come from the earth. They believed that this natural materials are sacred, each of which has its own special power. Most of these materials have been utilized - 10 -

in secret for bringing lovers together, while some were preserved to be used for the special ceremonies during marriage. Without a doubt, love spells boast of a rich history that has transcended boundaries, with every culture and place having its own set of stories and beliefs as far as love spells are concerned. There is also no denying that love holds such an incredible and strong power over the people, and the love spells happen to be the most usual spells asked and performed in order to get the love that they have been dreaming of. Whatever history these love spells might have, nothing will change the fact that love is the very reason why you often hear stories, poems, songs, memoirs as well as confessions. After all, love is the very feeling that keeps the humanity humane.

Chapter 3: Understanding Hellenistic Spells

Synopsis Different spells of compulsion and erotic attraction have been traced back to as far as the Hellenistic Greece and their syncretic magic tradition that made use of Hebraic and Egyptian elements. These have all been documented in different texts including the Greek Magical Papyri. - 11 -

These have also been archaeologically traced on the amulets as well as other artifacts that dated back to the 2nd century BC or at times earlier up to the later part of the 3rd century AD. The magical practices have then continued influencing the Gaul’s private ritual among those in Roman Britain, the Germanic and the Celtic people. The erotic magic then reflected the gender roles in the ancient Greece, dismissing the modern misconceptions regarding sexuality and gender roles.

- 12 -

Hellenistic Spells A classics professor in University of Chicago, Christopher Faraone who specializes in practices and texts that pertain to magic, has classified the Eros magic as the one practiced by the males, and Philia magic in the case of the females. This two kinds of spells can be directly associated to the women and men’s gender roles in the Ancient Greece. The Philia spells have been used by the women since they depend on their husbands. Back then, women have no power which is why they used all means available for ensuring that their husbands will stay around, especially with the men having more freedom of leaving behind their wives every time they want to. A lot of women have used the Philia spells for maintaining their beauty and keeping the much needed peace of mind. Women used Philia magic for keeping their male companion faithful and at bay. The fundamental beliefs regarding sexual attitudes among the Greeks have been dismissed by the discoveries in Philia love potions, rituals and spells. These spells have not been utilized for the sake of attaining sexual pleasure but instead, they served as kind of medicine or therapy. Commonly, the Philia spells have been used by the women in their attempts of preserving their youth and beauty, something that will induce faithfulness in their partner. A lot of Ancient Greek women used the love spells as a kind of therapy. Whether the spells worked or not, these helped in making

- 13 -

the ladies feel much more comfortable with the situation that they are in, giving them the feeling of being in control of the things that are happening around them. On the other hand, the Eros spells have been primarily used by the males and even prostitutes, serving entirely different functions in the Ancient Greece. The Eros spells have been used for instilling passion and lust in women, which will make them fulfill the sexual needs of that man who has invoked the spell. With no freedom, the women then only hoped that their situation will be better, which explains why they have been into producing spells. Conversely, men had all the freedom of doing the things they want to do. The prostitutes, on another note, led lives that were actually almost the same to the men than that of the women. These prostitutes were free as far as finances are concerned, and they can choose where they want to live, without being expected to serve only a single man and home. Only the prostitutes were the women who have been known for using the Eros magic for fulfilling their sexual desires.

- 14 -

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