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Real Body Magick Luke Jermey

An Exclusive Release for the Psychic Entertainers Association

Copyright 2005

Introduction The imagination of Luke never fails to impress me! From the moment we met I knew this young man was something special. Not only did his magic blow me away, but he touched me in way not many young men can. When he came again and showed me this work of wonders I was left almost speechless, and you all know that I almost always have something to say. While I could go on for pages about the brilliance of this work I will leave it now in your hands. Combined with the ideas in my best selling Wonder Words series these ideas are sure to leave an impression on your spectators like few others can. Kenton Knepper January 2005

Prethoughts Imagine being able to make a spectator feel your very thoughts as they fly from your head or doing PK touches without ever going near the spectator! Does this sound impossible? It is easy with the secrets you are about to learn in this manual. We know that you spent a good sum of money to obtain these secrets and ask that you not share them in any form. This will help keep theses gems out of the hands of the curious. Protect your investment! These notes are a bit different from some of what I have put on the market before. In here you will find no clever linguistic twist. No scripts that need to be memorized. Nothing that requires special items. All you need is a little ability at acting and your own body. I know that you will laugh out loud at not having thought of these methods on your own, but a few tried in public will convince you of the reaction they get. There are many that will dismiss this material as not workable. What can I say to them except that they are missing out. At this time only a few top PEA members have been shown this material and they all agree that it takes mentalism in a totally new direction.

Reign of the Bubble Burst

Effect: The spectator is invited onto the stage for an experiment in thought reading. While the mentalist has his back turned the spectator writes a secret thought on a business card and folds it in quarters. The card is placed in a bulldog clip at center stage and the mentalist begins to concentrate. After a few moments of concentration the spectator leaps high in the air! The mentalist asks him "Did you sense something odd?" The spectator, with a shocked look, says that indeed he did! The mentalist explains that at that very moment the traveled through the air and landed at his third eye. To prove this, the word is revealed and is of course correct!

Method: Before you read the explanation, take a moment to think how this could be done. Remember nothing is used other than your own body. Gave up so soon? When you read the secret to this wonderful effect you are sure to laugh, but rest assured that I do this very technique every night and always get a response. What you are about to learn is one of my closest held secrets and one those in the know have begged me to keep to myself.

While this may sound similar to my effect in Coral Fang, it is a great improvement and one I am sure you will love. The secret is saliva! You read that right, saliva! In the act of concentrating secretly get some saliva to the edge of your lips. Ask the spectator to concentrate. Then you simply blow hard through your parted lips, sending a spray of saliva into the face of your spectator. Of course you need to make the blowing subtle to avoid detection by others, but with a little experimentation it is very easy. As soon as the spray hits the spectator they are sure to jump and show a shocked look! At this moment they will go into a mild trance state as they search for meaning. This inner search is your clue to begin revealing the thought. Of course you have many ways to obtain the thought, but might I suggest the Busch billet that was published in Vibrations in 2003. I would like to thanks Richard Busch for inspiring this method. It was during a conversation at M.O.T.M. in 2002 that the idea hit me while talking to him.

Long Distance PK Touches

Effect: While the spectator is seated several feet away, you touch another spectator on the arm. The touch is felt by the first spectator. You need never go near the first spectator!

Method: To be totally honest, this method can not be done all the time. It requires being in the right state, but when that state is there you have nothing short of a miracle. You also will need to give considerable practice to the method to make it invisible. Trust me that the practice will be rewarded with a performance your audience will never forget. For the method to work you need to be a little bit congested. The simple answer to this little known mystery is being able to shoot a small amount of mucous from your nose. Remember that it does not take much to achieve the desired effect! Practice by using an old pillowcase with a floral print. At first you may find it easier to accomplish the projection by covering one nostril. However with enough practice it can easily be done without putting your hands any place near your face.

Pick a flower on the pillow and aim the mucous. After a few hours of practice you should be able to hit your mark every time. Make sure to put in the practice needed to make the aim as perfect as possible! Now all that is needed is to select a spectator with no sleeves. After escorting the spectator to a chair at center stage, have him close his eyes. All that is left is to aim and fire as you turn to walk over to the other spectator. Tap the standing spectator on the arm and ask the seated one if they felt anything. I have done this many times and always been rewarded with a standing ovation. Of course you need to be subtle in your delivery of the mucous, but with a bit of experimentation you should find it possible to deliver the load silently.

Closing Notes Please do not pass over these ideas thinking that they are not for today's miracle worker. While they at first read as little more than pranks, they are the stuff that reputations are made of. If you have studied Kentons wonderful Wonder Words, imagine the impact you will have when you add in concepts such as dual reality. I realize that many will not have what it takes to apply these methods. To those that do use them I say, you are in a class of performer that knows what will work in the real world. In an old magic book saliva was used to make a card stick to the one in front of it and thus look like it vanished from the deck. If the use of bodily fluid worked back when Carrington wrote, it will certainly still work today. Naturally it is wise it be safe when doing effects like these. I sincerely recommend being tested for HIV and other diseases before using these methods on your spectators. Thank you for purchasing my notes and I wish you the best in developing these ideas further.

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