Q4 Pretest Dessert

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PRE – TEST Direction: Read the following statements carefully and choose the answer that best describes the statement. 1. The purpose of storing desserts is to a. increase its volume b. soften food tissues c. improve the palatability d. enhance freshness and quality

PRE – TEST 2. Which of these sauce is best for a simple dessert? a. cold b. light c. hot fudge d. rich

PRE – TEST 3. The following are thickening agents used in the preparation of sauce, EXCEPT a. baking powder b. cornstarch c. cream d. egg

PRE – TEST 4. Which of the following is considered the simplest dessert? a. custard b. fruits c. gelatin d. puddings

PRE – TEST 5. All of the following are characteristics of good fruit desserts, EXCEPT a. appetizing aroma b. slightly chilled temperature c. simple and attractive d. moderately sweet

PRE – TEST 6. What is the process of putting your product into containers for easy distribution? a. Packaging B. Labeling c. Wrapping d. Storing

PRE – TEST 7. This term refers to packaging in large standardized containers for efficient shipping and handling a. aseptically b. bulk c. packaging d. containerization

PRE – TEST 8. Which of the following material is made from wood pulp and used for flexible packaging of goods? a. Cellophane b. Glass c. metal d. paper

PRE – TEST 9. A thin and transparent material that is made of cellulose and contains variable amount of water and softener. a. cellophane b. glass c. metal d. paper

PRE – TEST 10. This packaging material is transparent and able to withstand heat treatments such as pasteurization and sterilization. a. cellophane b. glass c. plastic d. metal

PRE – TEST 11. Which of the following tools is used for whipping eggs or butter, and for blending gravies, sauces and soups? a. grater b. spatula c. whisks d. scraper

PRE – TEST 12. Which of the following cannot be used as garnishing in dessert? a. fruit b. nut c. chocolate d. flower

PRE – TEST 13. Which of the following guidelines should not be practiced in plating dessert? a. Layer flavors and texture b. Make garnishes edible c. Don’t crowd the plate d. Use monotype plate

PRE – TEST 14. Which of the following sanitary practices is not true in storing desserts? a. Wash utensils and equipment thoroughly b. Keep away from food when you are ill c. Store foods and ingredients in a dry place d. Safeguard the food during distribution

PRE – TEST 15. In plating and presenting food, which among the following statement is related to texture? a. Enhances plate presentation B. Plays important part in plate presentation c. Adds visual interest to the food d. Serves as frame of the presentation

PRE – TEST 16. Which of the following tools is used for measuring small quantity of ingredients like salt, baking powder and others. a. measuring cup b. measuring spoon c. funnels d. spatula

PRE – TEST 17. Which of the following tools and equipment is used to chop, blend, mix, whip, puree, grate, and liquefy foods? a. blender b. mixer c. grater d. range

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