Rocks Minerals And Gemstones

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Rocks, Crystals & Minerals: Complete Identifier, Hankin ed. Back in print! This compact study guide is a great value and contains concise descriptions of over 200 rocks, crystals, and minerals. Each description provides at-a-glance information on distinctive features, composition, and physical properties. Striking photographs of specimens from around the world. Hard cover, 226 pgs, ISBN 978-0-7858-1850-2, $9.99

Rocks, Minerals & Gemstones

Simon & Schuster’s GUIDE TO ROCKS AND MINERALS, Prinz, Harlow & Peters. A practical and accessible field guide. Includes more than 1,000 illustrations, 600 in spectacular full-color. 608 pgs., ISBN 978-0-671-24417-0, $19.00

Audubon FIELD GUIDE TO NORTH AMERICAN ROCKS AND MINERALS, Chesterman. Top selling field guide! Over 750 color plates are cross referenced to detailed descriptions of field patterns and rock locations. Comprehensive index and sturdy plastic cover make this perfect for field use. 850 pgs., ISBN 0-394-50269-8, $19.95

PETERSON FIELD Guides: Rocks And Minerals, Pough. Perfect field guide for the more experienced rockhound or student. Contains detailed descriptions of minerals: their geographic distribution, physical properties, chemical composition, crystalline structure, and more. Introduces simple tests to ensure accurate identification. 320 pgs., ISBN 978-0-395-91096-2, $20.00

MINERALS of the world, Schumann. This vibrant, photo-rich field guide presents 500 of the world’s most collectible minerals. Brilliant color photos and color-coded guides make this the perfect reference guide for the hobbyist and the naturalist. Hard cover. 232 pgs., ISBN 978-1-4027-5339-8, $14.95

PETERSON FIRST Guides: Rocks And Minerals, Pough. A simplified pocket field guide to common gems, ores and other rocks and minerals. Beautiful color photos and concise descriptions introduce beginners to the subject. 128 pgs., ISBN 0-395-93543-1, $5.95

HANDBOOK OF ROCKS, MINERALS & GEMSTONES, Schumann. Classic reference that is comprehensive, easy-touse and highly illustrated. Written for the layman and the scientist, it describes the properties and characteristics of each rock and mineral. Contains 600 color photos. 380 pgs., ISBN 0-395-51137-2, $22.00

MINERALS, Guastoni & Appiani. Attractive guide to the mineral realm. Begins with a fascinating overview of mineralogy from how and where minerals are formed to how to classify them. Then get a detailed look at 288 mineral specimens, complete with unique color photographs, and a list of each mineral’s defining attributes. 256 pgs., ISBN 1554070562, $24.95

Audubon POCKET GUIDE: Familiar Rocks & Minerals of North America, Chesterman. Pocket guide for the beginner. Organized with full-color, full-page identification photos and complete facing text page. 192 pgs., ISBN 0-394-75794-7, $10.95

Firefly Guide to Minerals, Rocks & Fossils: An Authoritative and Practical Identification Guide to Minerals, Rocks and Fossils, Bishop, Woolley & Hamilton. This is a classic reference work is a invaluable handbook for collectors. Contains extended introductory sections and appendices, plus over 600 specimens are described in detail and shown in full-color, and it’s compact enough to carry in a backpack. 336 pgs., ISBN 1-55407-054-6, $19.95

ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO COMMON ROCKS AND THEIR MINERALS, Brown & Allan. Provides the basic groundwork for understanding and identifying common rocks by addressing their general nature, the three main classifications of rocks, and the component minerals that make them. 59 pgs., ISBN 0-87961-054-9, $5.95 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rocks of the World: A Practical Guide to Over 150 Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks, Farndon. This large-size, ultimate photo-guide to rocks and minerals includes expert analysis of the key rock-forming environments of the world, plus full advice on identifying rock types and building a spectacular collection. Features more than 375 beautifully shot photographs and concise artworks. 128 pgs, ISBN 978-1-844-76269-9, $16.99 Mineral Explorers: Colombia (DVD) Join host and Mineral Explorer, Thomas Nagin, as he travels to amazing and remote locations around the world showing you a behind-the-scene look at the where and how gems and minerals are mined and traded. This is a rare look at places seldom seen….adventure deep into the mountains of Colombia, to the famous emerald mines of Cosquez and Muzo; then to the Emerald Center in Bogota, Columbia, home of the world’s finest emeralds. Special features include a trip to the Coleman Quartz Mine in Arkansas, and Garimpo do Prades mine in Brazil. 45 min. $25.00

MINERALS OF THE WORLD (Princeton Field Guide series), Johnsen. Explains the fundamental aspects of mineralogy, describing over 500 minerals with concise and authoritative text. Covers crystallography, physical and chemical properties of minerals, diagnostic features and occurrences. Over 600 color photographs and crystallographic diagrams. 440 pgs., ISBN 0-691-09537-X, $26.95

DVD Corner

The Art of Mineral Identification, (DVD). James Madonna, Ph.D. teaches you to identify minerals like an expert in just hours with expert instruction by a university teacher who has honed his presentation by teaching thousands of students over 25 years. Whether you want to prospect or rockhound, or just want to be able to identify the rocks and minerals you encounter while enjoying the great outdoors this instructional video will give you a solid foundation. 103 min. $15.95


Rocks, Minerals & Gemstones (Cont.) DK Smithsonian HANDBOOKS: These field guides make identification of individual specimens sure, simple and straightforward. Each entry has a full-color illustration as well as color-coded bands that provide at-a-glance facts for quick reference. 5 3/4” x 8 1/2”, $20.00 each. ROCKS AND MINERALS, Pellant. 256 pgs., ISBN 0-7894-9106-0 DINOSAURS AND PREHISTORIC LIFE, Richardson. 226 pgs., ISBN 0-7894-9361-6 FOSSILS, Walker & Ward. 320 pgs., ISBN 0-7894-8984-8 GEMSTONES, Hall. 180 pgs., ISBN 0-7894-8985-6 DK EYEWITNESS BOOKS For the beginning naturalist ages 10 and up. Hundreds of real-life color photos and illustrations with lively captions, plus a CD with clipart, and a full color wall chart. Hard cover, 8 3/4” x 11 1/4”, 72 pgs., $16.99 each. CRYSTAL & GEM, Symes & Harding. ISBN 978-0-7566-3001-0 DINOSAUR, Norman & Milner. ISBN 978-0-7566-5810-6 FOSSIL, Taylor. ISBN 0-7566-0682-9 ROCKS & MINERALS, Symes. ISBN 978-0-7566-3777-4 DK Pockets SERIES These comprehensive pocket-size books are packed with interesting facts, and organized for quick reference. Includes color photos, drawings, and/or reference sections with charts, graphs or maps. 160 pgs., $6.99 each. DINOSAURS, Clark. ISBN 0-7894-9589-9 EARTH FACTS, Hall. ISBN 0-7566-0202-5 FOSSILS, Palmer. ISBN 0-7566-0206-8 GEMSTONES, Foa. ISBN 0-7894-9596-1 ROCKS & MINERALS, Fuller. ISBN 0-7894-9587-2 DK Smithsonian Rock and Gem: The Definitive Guide to Rocks, Minerals, Gems and Fossils, Bonewitz. Stunning compendium displays every feature of the Earth’s geologic splendor. Striking visual profiles present key info for accurate identification; practical advice is given on how to cut, polish, and display objects; their mythological and legendary significance throughout history is explored. 360 pgs., ISBN 978-0-7566-3342-4, $24.95


The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe, Gray. A one-of-a-kind overview of every tangible substance on the planet from hydrogen to hematite and from gold to gunpowder. Mesmerizing photographs display and explain all 188 elements that make up the periodic table–exploring elements from the atomic level to the myriad of ways they combine to comprise the world around us. 240 pgs., ISBN 978-1-57912-814-2, $29.95

MINERALS AND GEMSTONES: 300 of the Earth’s Natural Treasures, Cook & Kirk. Learn about 300 different minerals and gemstones–from gold and silver to opal and gismondite. A full-color illustration accompanies each mineral and gem, plus information tables with color, luster, streak, crystal system, habit, and hardness. Includes a comprehensive index. 320 pgs., ISBN 978-1-59223-735-7, $9.95 Simon & Schuster’s GUIDE TO GEMS AND PRECIOUS STONES, Lymann. This popular field guide includes comprehensive entries on all major gems and precious stones and more than 450 and full-color photographs. 384 pgs., ISBN 978-0-671-60430-1, $17.99 FIREFLY GUIDE TO GEMS: Illustrated Guide to the Identification, Properties and Use of Gemstones, Oldershaw. A fascinating and richly illustrated guide to gemstone identification, that features a clear and accessible introduction to the geology, chemistry and properties of gems. Over 130 gemstones are described, with over 850 gemstone photos and more than 50 diagrams and drawings, plus maps of important gem locations. 224 pgs., ISBN 978-1-55297-814-1, $16.95 ROCKS & FOSSILS: A Visual Guide, Coenraads. This large, comprehensive guide offers insights into the underlying nature of our planet and explains how minerals form and why some have become precious to humans. Contains remarkable full color photographs and detailed illustrations throughout. Hard cover, 304 pgs., ISBN 1-55407-068-6, $39.95

GEMSTONES OF THE WORLD 4/E, Schumann. The single volume that every hobbyist, jeweler and rockhound needs! All gemstone types are discussed, and over 1,900 full-color photos showcase each gemstone in both its natural state and its polished and cut renditions. New for this edition is a chapter on treatment of gemstones, and what’s new at the market. Hard cover, 320 pgs., ISBN 978-1-4027-6829-3, $24.95 FROZEN LIGHT: The Eternal Beauty of Crystals, Stoller. Artist Lawrence Stoller creates crystal and gemstone sculptures that are like nothing else on earth, blending elements of mineralogy, technology and metaphysics. Frozen Light is the culmination of his work with over 200 stunning color images, prose, and behind-the-scenes stories of these amazing pieces. Hard cover, 176 pgs., ISBN 978-1-60109-103-1, $75.00 Gems of the world, Oldershaw. A comprehensive guide to the identification and use of precious and semi-precious gems, stones, and crystals. Charts, illustrations and clearly written text explain the geology, chemistry, and key aspects of gemstones. Learn how to choose a gemstone, jewelry making, gemstone and jewelry cleaning, and spotting a fake. 256 pgs., ISBN 978-1-55407-539-3, $24.95 GEMSTONES: Symbols of Beauty and Power, Gübelin & Erni. This gorgeous coffee table book is distinguished from many other gem books by providing both a visually stunning format as well as an in depth geological perspective. They accomplish this feat with over 370 gloriously colorful photographs of gems and painstaking descriptions of their creation within the earth’s crust; additional chapters cover jeweled treasures used by royalty, historically important jewels, plus gemstone lore. Originally published at $39.95, now available at $24.95. Hard Cover. 240 pgs., ISBN 0-945005-36-9, $24.95 GEMS & MINERALS OF THE SOUTHWEST, Sano. This easy-to-read resource identifies more than 80 minerals, familiar gems, and unique specimens found in the American Southwest. 144 pgs., ISBN 978-1-933855-23-3, $14.95 ROCK SCULPTURE: The Joy of Stone Carving for Beginners, Stage. Excellent beginner’s book that also covers elements of design. Describes tools needed, how to start and what rocks to start sculpting. 46 pgs., ISBN 0-87961-167-7, $6.95 GEM IDENTIFICATION MADE EASY: A Hands-On Guide to More Confident Buying & Selling, Matlins. An easy-to-use book that teaches you how to identify most of the gems and synthetics found in the marketplace. Discover how to avoid costly mistakes and recognize profitable opportunities. 360 pgs., ISBN 978-0-943763-59-0, $36.99

Gems & Minerals: Earth Treasures from the Royal Ontario Museum, Tait. This beautifully illustrated and photographed coffee table-sized book shows 260 examples of specimens from the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada. Spectacular crystals and gems are showcased, as well as magnificent manufactured objects made from precious metals and jewels. Informative scientific data and interesting facts complete this lavish guide. Hard cover, 258 pgs., ISBN 978-1-55407-880-6, $40.00

Fred WARD GEM BOOK SERIES Classic series focusing on specific gems and their outstanding features. Contains history and lore, as well as sources and buying tips. Beautiful, full-color photos throughout. 64 pgs., $19.95 each. DIAMONDS, ISBN 1-887651-09-8 EMERALDS, ISBN 978-1-887651-15-8 JADE, ISBN 1-887651-06-3 PEARLS, ISBN 1-887651-08-X OPALS, ISBN 1-887651-04-7 RUBIES & SAPPHIRES, ISBN 1-887651-10-1 GEM CARE, Ward. Contains everything you need to know to properly care for your jewelry and gems, from abalone to zoisite. Learn which chemicals are safe; how to clean precious metals, and much more. 32 pgs., ISBN 1-887651-07-1, $12.95 PHENOMENAL GEMS, Ward. Discover gems that glow, sparkle, shimmer, and change color. Learn how each phenomenon depends on three aspects: human vision; the physical structure of the gem; and the color or wavelength of the light source. 64 pgs., ISBN 978-1-887651-01-0, $19.95


Rocks, Minerals & Gemstones (Cont.) Turquoise: The World Story of a Fascinating Gemstone, Lowry & Lowry. This is the single most comprehensive book we’ve seen on the subject of turquoise, from the geology and mining around the world, to the identifying, grading and care of this popular gem. The authors, curators of the Turquoise Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico, have produced an exquisite coffee table-sized book that showcases turquoise in stunning detail and scope–from the specimen level to the finished work of jewelry designers and lapidary artists. Fully indexed with bibliography; over 500 photographs. 254 pgs., ISBN 978-1-4236-0289-7, $75.00 Turquoise unearthed: An Illustrated Guide, Lowry. The definitive resource for turquoise rockhounds and serious collectors alike. Get the fascinating history of turquoise mining; see beautiful colors and forms that make this gemstone like no other. Lavishly illustrated throughout. 80 pgs., ISBN 1-887896-33-3, $12.95 TURQUOISE: Mines, Mineral & Wearable Art, Block. Explore the fascinating story of turquoise, its Native American cultural history as well as turquoise grades and value, localities and the diverse range of jewelry designs past and present. A comprehensive guide with over 390 large color images; fully indexed with glossary. 160 pgs., ISBN 978-0-7643-2642-4, $29.95 GEODES: Nature’s Treasures, Cross & Zeitner. A stunning full-color exploration of geodes, written by two of the most respected authors on rocks, gems and minerals: June Zeitner, and Brad Cross. This is an extensive look into the fascinating world of geodes, from how they are created, and where they are mined, to the exquisite variety of crystal forms within. 304 pgs., ISBN 1-889786-32-2, $19.95. What’s So Great About Granite?, Carey. Granite may be common, but it’s no ordinary stone. Learn all about this unheralded hero of the mineral kingdom: why some crystals are big, and others small; why some granite crumbles in your hands while other granite can’t be crushed by a tank. Engagingly presented with stunning photographs, graphic illustrations and an appendix of granite locations in the U.S. 94 pgs., ISBN 978-0-87842-563-1, $18.00 Emeralds, A Passionate Guide: The Emeralds, the People, their Secrets, Ringsrud. A comprehensive overview that celebrates the history, gemology and allure of this most popular and precious stone. The author, both a gemologist and collector, shares his intimate knowledge of the gem trade, allowing you to follow the emerald’s journey from the mists of time, to the mines of Columbia and to jewelers’ show rooms. With over 250 stunning photos and illustrations, engaging and authoritative text, this is a phenomenal, one-of-a-kind book. Hard cover. 382 pgs., ISBN 978-0-9822627-5-7, $80.00


Agates: Inside Out, Brzys. A comprehensive guide to agate collecting focusing on the U.S. written with the beginner as well as avid agate collector in mind. Over 30 major types of agates are described, with vivid color photography to accompany the detailed descriptions and collecting advice. This book creates a solid foundation for further agate studies, explaining how they are formed, where they are found and what they look like, but it also provides the level of expanded information that more experienced collectors require. 256 pgs., ISBN 978-1-891143977, $24.95 AGATES: Treasures of the Earth, Pabian, Jackson, Tandy and Cromartie. Agate is one of the most strikingly beautiful semiprecious gems. This identification guide is comprehensive and easy-to-use: illustrated throughout with full-color photographs and includes a worldwide listing of where agates are found. Hard cover, 192 pgs., ISBN 1-55407-098-8, $35.00 The Beauty of Banded Agates: An Exploration of Agates from Eight Major World Sites, Carlson. Gorgeous photo journal of banded agates from around the world, with over 260 museum quality photos. Explore the beautiful features of each specimen as well as the collecting histories for each site; full glossary, references and index. 160 pgs., ISBN 0-972-1891-1-4, $38.95 Amber: The Natural Time Capsule, Ross. An engaging overview that explores how amber is formed, the types of amber, how amber preserves natural specimens and the role of amber in science and art. Lavishly illustrated throughout, this book also looks at how the fossilized inclusions in amber provide a superb record of prehistoric species and habitats. 112 pgs., ISBN 9781554076093, $29.95 THE AMBER BOOK, Dahlstrom & Brost. Learn how amber is formed, its geologic setting, practical advice on how to care for amber jewelry, how to use it for lapidary purposes, and how to detect fake amber. Hard cover, 144 pgs., ISBN 0-945005-23-7, $27.00 OPAL IDENTIFICATION & VALUE, Downing. This book teaches you all you need to properly identify opals from all over the world, and be able to ask definitive questions when considering an opal. Discover what characteristics affect value and become a confident buyer, seller or appraiser. Color photos throughout. Hard cover, 212 pgs., ISBN 0-9625311-8-9, $49.95


ROADSIDE GEOLOGY SERIES Informative travel companions about roadside terrain and geology with photos, diagrams, and glossary.

Geology: An Introduction to Familiar Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones & Fossils, Kavanagh. This handy fold-out guide provides a simplified introduction to familiar rocks, minerals gemstones and fossils. Part of the Pocket Naturalist Guide series, which introduces novices to the natural world. ISBN 978-1-58355-075-5, $5.95 The PRACTICAL GEOLOGIST, Dixon & Bernor. An excellent introduction to the basics of geology, collecting and identifying rocks & minerals. Contains over 200 color photos and illustrations, along with material on mapping, field equipment, preparing specimens, as well as a geologic site finder for six continents. 160 pgs., ISBN 978-0-671-74697-1, $16.00 FIELD GEOLOGY ILLUSTRATED, Maley. This is a fantastic aid in recognizing, interpreting and describing geologic features in the field. Contains 682 B/W photos, and over 300 interpretive sketches. 704 pgs., ISBN 0-940949-05-4, $35.00 FIELD GUIDE TO GEOLOGY, Lambert. Revised edition. Excellent reference to the forces and processes that forged our planet. Includes chapters on basic geology, geologists of note, plus easy-to-understand maps, charts, illustrations and photos. 304 pgs., ISBN 978-0-8160-6510-3, $16.95 GROW YOUR OWN CRYSTALS, Wielgus. Discover how to grow your own crystals. Lists the materials, supplies and general methods to help you participate in one of nature’s most wonderful creations. 28 pgs., ISBN 0-9635601-2-3, $4.95 Dictionary of Geological Terms, 3/E, Bates & Jackson. From aa to zweikanter, this best-selling dictionary contains definitions to over 1,000 geological terms. Includes word origins, pronunciation guide, and a geologic time and life chart. 572 pgs., ISBN 0-385-18101-9, $18.95 DK Smithsonian EARTH: The Definitive Visual Guide, Luhr. This sumptuous coffee table-sized visual guide to the power and beauty of the Earth provides a unique catalog of the planet’s greatest treasures, from undersea canyons to volcanoes, deserts to lush rainforests, polar icecaps and more. 520 pgs., ISBN 978-0-7566-3332-5, $27.95

ALASKA, Connor. 251 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-213-7, $18.00 ARIZONA, Chronic. 322 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-147-5, $20.00 NORTHERN AND CENTRAL CALIFORNIA, Alt & Hyndman. 384 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-409-1, $20.00 COLORADO, Chronic. 416 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-447-4, $20.00 Connecticut and Rhode Island, Skehan. 302 pgs., ISBN 978-087842547-1, $26.00 IDAHO, Alt. 393 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-219-6, $20.00 INDIANA, Maine. 326 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-396-6, $18.00 Louisiana, Spearing. 226 pgs., ISBN 978-0-87842-530-3, $20.00 Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, D.C., Means. 368 pgs., ISBN 978-0-87842-570-9, $24.00 MASSACHUSETTS, Skehan. 378 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-429-6, $20.00 Missouri, Spencer. 274 pgs., ISBN 978-0-87842-573-0, $20.00 Montana, Alt & Hyndman. 427 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-202-1, $20.00 NEW MEXICO, Chronic. 255 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-209-9, $18.00 NEW YORK, Van Diver. 411 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-180-7, $20.00 Ohio, Camp. 412 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-524-1, $24.00 SOUTH DAKOTA, Gries. 357 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-338-9, $20.00 SOUTHERN BRITISH COLUMBIA, Mathews & Monger. 416 pgs., ISBN 978-0-87842-503-7, $22.00 TEXAS, Spearing. 418 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-265-X, $24.00 UTAH, Chronic. 326 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-228-5, $20.00 VIRGINIA, Frye. 256 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-199-8, $16.00 WASHINGTON, Alt & Hyndman. 290 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-160-2, $20.00 WISCONSIN, Dot & Attig. 346 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-492-X, $20.00 WYOMING, Lageson & Spearing. 271 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-216-1, $18.00 Yellowstone Country, Fritz & Thomas. 314 pgs., ISBN 978-0-87842-581-5, $24.00


Geology of California

GEOLOGY UNDERFOOT SERIES A hands-on series about getting out of your car and out among the rocks and landforms. No matter how much or how little geology you know, books in this series will inform and entertain. CENTRAL NEVADA, Orndorff. 272 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-418-0, $16.00 DEATH VALLEY and OWENS VALLEY, Sharp & Glazner. 325 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-362-1, $18.00 Illinois, Wiggers. 306 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-346-X, $18.00 Northern Arizona, Abbott and Cook. 324 pgs., ISBN 978-0-87842-528-0, $18.00 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Sharp & Glazner. 224 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-289-7, $14.00 SOUTHERN UTAH, Orndorff, Wieder & Futey. 292 pgs., ISBN 0-87842-517-9, $18.00 Yellowstone country, Hendricks. 302 pgs., ISBN 978-0-87842-576-1, $24.00 Yosemite National Park, Glazner and Stock. 304 pgs., ISBN 978-0-87842-568-6, $24.00

LANDFORMS OF SOUTHERN UTAH: A Photographic Exploration, Orndorff & Futey. Vibrant color photographs accompany essays about the geologic history of southern Utah. Shaded relief maps highlight the region’s topography, bringing the area’s geologic story to life. 92 pgs., ISBN 978-0-87842-539-6, $15.00

California Rocks!: A Guide to Geologic Sites in the Golden State, Baylor. Explore and learn about 65 publicly accessible locales throughout California that illustrate the dynamic geology of the state. From lava tubes and bubbling mud pots, to erupting geysers and creeping landslides, California is a land on the move. A wonderful overview and site specific guide, graphically illustrated, with color photos, maps, glossary and explanatory text for each location. 128 pgs., ISBN 978-0-87842-565-65, $16.00 GEOLOGY TRAILS OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, Johnson & Lofstrom. Explore northern California from a geologic point of view in over 100 hikes. If you want to climb a volcano, are itching to investigate geysers, old mines and more you will find a paradise of fascinating trails in this guide. Explanations of the geologic forces at work, and descriptions of flora and fauna enhance each hike, ranging from family walks and guided cave tours to more strenuous mountain trekking. 264 pgs., ISBN 1-889786-31-4, $14.95 Finding fault in California: An Earthquake Tourist’s Guide, Hough. This unique guide reveals the Golden State’s earthquake faults to the curious traveler. Geologist Susan Hough leads you to the state’s most accessible and active faults, telling the stories behind the major temblors. Includes GPS coordinates, photographs, maps, and diagrams. 264 pgs., ISBN 978-0-87842-495-5, $18.00 California Underground Adventures: A Guide to Caves, Mines and Lava Tubes, Kramer and Martinez. Delve into the state’s best caves, mines and lava tubes in this guidebook that’s almost as fun to read as the caves are to explore. Contains complete site details including temperature, tour information, and driving directions. Learn fascinating details about each site’s history and geology, and enjoy full-color photographs of the underground wonders. 184 pgs., ISBN 1-59193-230-0, $16.95


CAVES, EXPLORING CALIFORNIA’S AWESOME UNDERWORLD: A Family Guide to Discovering the Earth’s Own Natural Creations, Sheafer. Caving is an exciting adventure. Learn about the animals and indigenous people who inhabited the caves and what they left behind, as well as the geology of these rock formations. Over 35 caves! 64 pgs., ISBN 1-889971-06-5, $8.95

Geology of the Grand Canyon Region An Introduction to Grand Canyon Geology, Price. Perfect for the first-time visitor or the seasoned Grand Canyon traveler interested in how the canyon came to be. Fully illustrated with photos and drawings, indexed and includes a glossary. 64 pgs., ISBN 978-0-938216-68-1, $9.95 Volcanoes of Northern Arizona: Sleeping Giants of the Grand Canyon Region, Duffield. Aerial photographs, geologic illustrations, and detailed road logs lead the traveler to a range of volcanic mountains, just south of the Grand Canyon. 68 pgs., ISBN 0938216589, $11.95 Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau, Blakey and Ranney. Imagine seeing the landscapes of the Earth as they used to look throughout hundreds of millions of years. One of the foremost authorities on the geologic history of the Colorado Plateau has created maps that show how ancient landscapes gave rise to the region’s current geologic formations. Maps and accompanying text describe the landscapes depicted. 156 pgs., ISBN 978-1-934656-03-7, $34.95

Rock Collecting

Rocks & Minerals Playing Cards, Lynch. What do rockhounds do when the sun goes down? They play cards, of course! This standard card deck identifies and features 52 color photos of the most common and sought after specimens found in the United States. ISBN 978-1-59193-313-7, $5.95 A Collector’s Guide to the Granite Pegmatite, King. Admired by gem and mineral collectors for their beauty, as well as their physical and chemical complexity, granite pegmatite crystals are a source of fine specimens and gem materials. Discover pegmatite forms and distributions, interior structures, crystal, mineral and gem pockets, and references for further study. Over 200 photographs of specimens worldwide. 96 pgs., ISBN 978-0-764-335-78-5, $19.99 The WORLD OF FLUORESCENT MINERALS, Schneider. This exploration of the rich and diverse world of fluorescent minerals is filled with over 825 photos displaying these fascinating minerals under daylight and ultraviolet conditions. This essential source will enrich your collecting experience with its informative text. 176 pgs., ISBN 0-7643-2544-2, $29.95 Collecting fluorescent minerals, Schneider. Expanded and updated 2nd edition features over 870 color photographs showing how fluorescent minerals look both under UV light and daylight. Learn where fluorescent minerals are mined and discover unusual minerals from Europe and North America. A comprehensive resource section provides helpful advice on caring for, collecting and displaying fluorescent minerals. 208 pgs., ISBN 978-0-7643-3619-5, $29.99 Introduction to Radioactive Minerals, Lauf. Long admired for their brilliant colors and intense ultraviolet fluorescence, radioactive minerals are also critically important as a source for nuclear energy. Contains a systematic overview of the mineralogy of uranium and thorium, plus discusses the discovery of radioactive minerals and the development of uranium and thorium deposits. Major occurrences of radioactive minerals are arranged geographically. 144 pgs., ISBN 978-0-7643-2912-8, $29.95

THE ROCKHOUND’S HANDBOOK, Mitchell. Top Seller! This popular guide for collectors includes sections on basic geology and mineral formation; how to find and identify minerals; collecting tools and techniques; finding gold and other heavy minerals; fossil formation and collecting fossils; the legal aspects of collecting; specimen preparation and display and the basics of lapidary and jewelry making techniques and equipment. Illustrated throughout with photos, diagrams, charts and a 16-page color insert of over 90 specimens. 304 pgs., ISBN 978-1-889786-43-8, $15.95 Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals: Identification, Values, Lapidary Uses, Polk. This easy-to-use book is actually three guides in one! Learn how and where to find rocks, gems and minerals. Then use this guide to identify your finds, and finally learn the lapidary uses of your finds. Filled with color photographs throughout, this book is perfect for the beginner, plus it contains valuable technical information for advanced collectors. 272 pgs., ISBN 978-1-4402-0415-9, $17.99 Rock Hound’s Logbook & Journal, Lynch. A must for any collector! Features entries for the most common and the most sought after rocks and minerals, this is the perfect way to record when and where you found each specimen. Includes beautiful, full-page photographs and fascinating facts. 144 pgs., ISBN 978-1-59193-260-4, $12.95 Minerals, Identifying, Classifying and Collecting Them, Hochleitner. A field guide to mineral deposits. Find out where to collect them, where to buy them, how to start a collection, tools needed and more. Includes a fold-out guide to the crystal systems at a glance. 240 pgs., ISBN 0-8120-1777-3, $16.95 TRAVELER GUIDEBOOKS. Striking full-color guides, bound in water repellent, laminated covers. Extensive center-spread map highlights locations featured in book. 48 pgs., $6.95 each. GEMS & MINERALS OF ARIZONA: A Guide to Native Gemstones, Panczner, ISBN 1-55838-097-3 GEMS & MINERALS OF CALIFORNIA: A Guide to Localities, Estavillo, ISBN 1-55838-118-X


more Rock Collecting Fee Mining and Rockhounding Adventures in the West, Monaco. Covers over 100 collecting locations, plus 153 museums, caves, other geological points of interest that you can visit throughout the western U.S. Seasons, hours, directions, cost, tools and supplies are listed for all sites in 19 states. An invaluable guide for the amateur and seasoned prospector or gem hunter. 240 pgs., ISBN 978-1-889786-38-4, $15.95

Colorado Rocks & Minerals: A Field Guide to the Centennial State, Lynch & Lynch. This handy, compact field guide to Colorado’s rocks and minerals contains comprehensive entries on 115 rocks and minerals found within the Centennial State; easy-touse format, color photos and maps of where specimens can be found. 280 pgs., ISBN 978-1-59193-238-3, $14.95 COLORADO Rockhounding, Voynick. Covers over 350 collecting sites, with an overview of the state’s geology and mining history. Illustrated with maps and B/W photos. 392 pgs., ISBN 0-87872-292-7, $20.00 Then & Now Map Series. Innovative map series shows changes in gold & gem fields over the last 100 years in selected western states. Each map package includes current USGS maps of the state along with antique turn-of-the-century maps of the same areas for comparison. $12.95 each. Arizona Gold & Gems, ISBN 09657558-7-8 California Gold & Gems, Northern Edition, ISBN 09657558-9-4 California Gold & Gems, Southern Edition, ISBN 097204410-8 COLORADO GOLD & GEMS, ISBN 09720441-5-9 IDAHO GOLD & GEMS, ISBN 0-9657558-1-9 MONTANA GOLD & GEMS, ISBN 0-97204417-5 NEVADA GOLD & GEMS MAPS, ISBN 978-0-9720441-3-4 NEW MEXICO GOLD & GEMS, ISBN 9780972044196 Oregon Gold/Silver & Gems, ISBN 09657558-4-3 Utah Gold & Gems Maps: Reported Occurrences, ISBN 978-09816696-1-8 Washington Gold & Gems, ISBN 0-9657558-3-5


FEE MINING and MINERAL ADVENTURES IN THE EASTERN U.S., Monaco. Includes 294 places to visit in 31 states. Includes digging sites, caves, museums and other points of geological interest. This is the perfect guide for anyone interested in the mineral world, from experienced rockhounds and prospectors to vacationing families. 264 pgs., ISBN 978-1-889786-49-0, $15.95 TREASURE HUNTER’S GEM & MINERAL GUIDES SERIES, Rygle. These guides offer state-by-state details on more than 250 gems and minerals found in the U.S. and affordable “fee-dig” sites where they can be found. Includes maps, illustrations and B/W photos. $14.99 each.

Rockhounding GUIDE SERIES. Informative guides to collecting sites featuring maps, detailed directions, advice on field techniques, collecting and preparing specimens. Rockhounding Alaska: A Guide to 75 of the State’s Best Rockhounding Sites, Hodges. 222 pgs., ISBN 978-0-7627-5084-9, $16.95 Rockhounding ARIZONA, Blair. 220 pgs., ISBN 978-0-7627-4449-7, $15.95 Rockhounding CALIFORNIA, Butler. 190 pgs., ISBN 1-56044-347-2, $12.95 Rockhounding COLORADO, Kappele. 224 pgs., ISBN 0-7627-2850-7, $16.95 Rockhounding Idaho: A Guide to 99 of the State’s Best Rockhounding Sites, Romaine. 254 pgs., ISBN 978-0-7627-4812-9, $16.95 Rockhounding MONTANA, Feldman. 232 pgs., ISBN 0-7627-3682-9, $14.95 Rockhounding NEVADA: A Guide to the State’s Best Rockhounding Sites, Kappele. 242 pgs., ISBN 978-0-7627-7142-4, $15.95 Rockhounding NEW MEXICO, Vaskys & Freed. 260 pgs., ISBN 978-0-7627-4376-6, $15.95 Rockhounding UTAH, Kappele. 180 pgs., ISBN 1-56044-446-0, $12.95 Rockhounding WYOMING, Graham. 158 pgs., ISBN 1-56044-445-2, $12.95

NORTHWEST TREASURE HUNTER’S GEM & MINERAL GUIDE 192 pgs., ISBN 978-0-943763-55-2 NORTHEAST TREASURE HUNTER’S GEM & MINERAL GUIDE 224 pgs., ISBN 978-0-943763-57-6 SOUTHWEST TREASURE HUNTER’S GEM & MINERAL GUIDE 224 pgs., ISBN 978-0-943763-56-9 SOUTHEAST TREASURE HUNTER’S GEM & MINERAL GUIDE 200 pgs., ISBN 978-0-943763-58-3 COAST TO COAST GEM ATLAS, Johnson. Overview maps of gem finding locations throughout the continental U.S. Includes site information and local rock shops. 59 pgs., $11.50 FLORIDA’S GEOLOGICAL TREASURES, Comfort. Geologic surprises abound in the Sunshine state. Explore collecting sites across the state and learn how to collect and identify specimens. Includes maps, color photos, and information on clubs, museums, and further reading. 128 pgs., ISBN 0-935182-95-0, $11.95 IDAHO MINERALS: The Complete reference and Guide to the Minerals of Idaho, Ream. This comprehensive guide gives mineral descriptions, collecting areas, and is illustrated throughout with color photos. 373 pgs., ISBN 0-9723356-3-3, $27.95 Guide to Rocks & Minerals of the northwest, Leaming. Introductory full-color photo guide that highlights the best and much-prized rocks and minerals of the northwest. 32 pgs., ISBN 0-88839-053-X, $5.95

ROCKS AND MINERALS OF CALIFORNIA, Brown & Allan. Classic field guide with 48 rocks and minerals shown in color and hundreds of quadrangle map locations organized by county. 200 pgs., ISBN 0-911010-58-0, $13.95 Arizona Rocks & Minerals: A Field Guide to Arizona, Lynch. This handy, compact field guide is a great overview of the specimens found in Arizona, along with their geographic locales. 252 pgs., ISBN 978-159-193-237-6, $14.95 MINERALS, FOSSILS AND Fluorescents OF ARIZONA: A Field Guide for Collectors, Bearce. Features 90 collecting sites with photographs, topographic maps and G.P.S. coordinates. Covers basic science of minerals and fossils, plus geological formations at each site and the properties of minerals. 402 pgs., ISBN 0-9749846-1-2, $29.00 NEW MEXICO ROCKS AND MINERALS, Kimbler & Narsavage. Maps and descriptions of mining districts and mineral sites by county. Color and B/W photos. 70 pgs., ISBN 978-0-913270-97-4, $14.95

Fossils & Prehistory North America Through Time: A Paleontological History of Our Continent, Clos. Originally published at $35.00, now $24.95! This stunning full-color overview of the paleontological history of life on the North American continent is as comprehensive and richly presented as it is authoritative. Written for the general reader and beginning with the Precambrian and covering each time period of the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras, as well as each Epoch of the Cenozoic, this book will grab your scientific imagination with over 200 fossil photographs in 18 chapters. Hard Cover, 286 pgs., ISBN 978-0-9724416-4-3, $24.99

Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway, Johnson & Troll. A fun, colorfully illustrated/photographed and fact-filled book on fossil hunting covering all the western states from Colorado to California; a oneof-a-kind book that teaches and entertains in equal measure. Learn about dinosaurs, trilobites, ammonites and fossils galore as you journey on a paleo road trip along the 5000-mile “fossil freeway.” 204 pgs., ISBN 978-1-55591-451-6, $29.95 Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway Map, Johnson & Troll. Giant 42” x 60” companion map to the Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway. ISBN 978-1-55591-659-6, $12.95 The Amateur Archaeologist in the great basin, Ettinger. Excellent book about the archaeological record of man’s entry into the Great Basin. Complete with maps, charts, illustrations, and glossary. 116 pgs., ISBN 1-55838-149-X, $14.00 Fossils: The History of Life, Fortey. Beautiful, large format introduction to fossils and the scientists that study them. Richly illustrated with photos, diagrams and illustrations. Hard Cover, 256 pgs., ISBN 978-1-4027-6254-3, $29.95 LIFE IN STONE: Fossils of the Colorado Plateau, Sadler. Discover the fossil remains of the Colorado Plateau. Color illustrations and photos describe paleontology expeditions to the American Southwest. 72 pgs., ISBN 0-938216-81-3, $11.95 A TRAVELER’S GUIDE TO TRACKING DINOSAURS IN THE WESTERN UNITED STATES, Panczner. A handy little guide with photographs, maps, and museum listings describing the dinosaurs and where their fossils can be found. 48 pgs., ISBN 1-55838-149-X, $6.95 DISCOVERING FOSSILS: How to Find and Identify Remains of the Prehistoric Past, Garcia. A beginner’s guide to fossils with descriptions, and 160 drawings. 224 pgs., ISBN 0-8117-2800-5, $19.95 Trilobites: Common Trilobites of North America, Burns. A straightforward field guide to identifying trilobites in North America. Individual trilobite line drawings are clearly represented for easy identification, along with collecting regions, states and areas; includes basic descriptive text and commentary. 92 pgs., ISBN 0-9669157-0-4, $9.95

An Introduction to Grand Canyon Fossils, Thayer. Photographs, illustrations and text trace the history of the canyon through the evidence of the many living things that have populated the Grand Canyon region. 64 pgs., ISBN 978-0-938216-95-7, $9.95 FOSSILS: 300 of the Earth’s Fossilized Species, Mehling. Discover 300 fossils in this compact and fact-filled book. Each fossil has a description, illustration, and information tables with scientific name, distribution, and geologic period. Includes a comprehensive index. 320 pgs., ISBN 978-1-59223-737-1, $9.95 THE WORLD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FOSSILS & FOSSIL-COLLECTING, Parker. An illustrated reference to over 400 plant and animal fossils from around the globe, and how to identify them; with over 1000 photographs and artworks. 256 pgs., ISBN 0-7548-1574-9, $35.00 Audubon FIELD GUIDE TO FOSSILS: North America, Thompson. Color photos of over 400 fossils. User-friendly arrangement by shape and color makes identification quick and easy. 846 pgs., ISBN 0-394-52412-8, $20.95 AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO FOSSIL COLLECTING, Casanova & Ratkevich. Locations of fossils in the U.S., cataloging, and preserving methods. 240 pgs., ISBN 0-87961-113-8, $9.95 FIREFLY GUIDE TO FOSSILS: A Practical Guide to the Identification, Understanding and Hunting of Fossils, Edited. An authoritative and practical guide to fossil hunting and identification. Beautifully illustrated with over 400 color photographs 192 pgs., ISBN 1-55297-812-5, $14.95 DK Smithsonian Handbooks: Fossils, Walker & Ward. 320 pgs., ISBN 978-0-7894-8984-5, $20.00 DK Smithsonian Handbooks: Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life, Richardson. 226 pgs., ISBN 978-0-7894-9361-6, $20.00 DK Pockets: Fossils, Palmer. 160 pgs., ISBN 0-7566-0206-8, $6.99 DK Pockets: Dinosaurs, Clark. 160 pgs., ISBN 0-7894-95899, $6.99 DK EYEWITNESS Books: Dinosaur, Norman & Milner. 72 pgs., ISBN 978-0-7566-5810-6, $16.99 DK EYEWITNESS Books: Fossil, Taylor. 64 pgs., ISBN 0-7566-0682-9, $16.99 DK Visual Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs, Dixon. A comprehensive overview of the entire dinosaur family, with an amazing breadth of facts, figures and quotable statistics; vibrant color photos and illustrations on every page; excellent for children and adult readers. 400 pgs., ISBN 0-7566-0858-9, $14.99


New Edition!

Gem Trails Series


GEM TRAILS OF TEXAS, Cross. The ultimate rockhounding guide for the Lone Star State is back in print, and completely revised and updated! Over 50 collecting sites are mapped and described. A handy at-a-glance chart for each site tells you what can be collected, road difficulty, GPS coordinates, recommended tools, best collecting seasons, and nearby places of interest. Includes a beautiful full-color insert of specimens found in Texas. 176 pgs., ISBN 978-1-889786-50-6, $14.95

GEM TRAILS OF NEW MEXICO, Mitchell. The best rockhounding book for the Land of Enchantment has been expanded to include over 100 collecting sites throughout the state. From mountain vistas to desert valleys experience New Mexico’s scenic grandeur while you search for rocks, minerals and fossils. Includes GPS coordinates, road conditions, required tools, and nearby attractions. Each site has detailed directions, site map, and information on what minerals are found there. 280 pgs., ISBN 978-1-88976-48-3, $14.95

GEM TRAILS OF OREGON, Romaine. Top Seller! Must-have guide for Oregon rockhounds, includes over 100 collecting locations. Explore Oregon’s abundant mineral resources from agate to zeolite with this user-friendly collecting guide. Each site has detailed driving directions, a map, GPS coordinates, photo and a listing of nearby attractions. 272 pgs., ISBN 978-1-889786-44-5, $14.95

GEM TRAILS OF ARIZONA, Mitchell. This best-selling guide has been updated with new sites, GPS coordinates, rock and mineral shows in Arizona. Over 100 collecting sites. Maps, detailed text and photos lead the collector to sites throughout the state. Color photos highlight specimens from azurite to wulfenite. Indexed by location and by mineral. Includes glossary. 272 pgs., ISBN 978-1-889786-47-6, $14.95

GEM TRAILS OF WASHINGTON, Romaine. Comprehensive collecting guide for the Evergreen State. Washington’s diverse geology is explored in great detail. Over 75 sites are presented with directions, maps, GPS readings, photos, descriptive text, mineral locator index and glossary. 200 pgs., ISBN 978-1-889786-40-7, $14.95

GEM TRAILS OF NEVADA, Mitchell. Maps, photos and text describe where to go and what to look for at over 75 sites throughout the state of Nevada. Includes a color specimen insert, glossary and mineral locator index. 224 pgs., ISBN 1-889786-15-2, $12.95

GEM TRAILS OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, Mitchell. Complete guide to Northern California features sites from the Oregon border south to San Luis Obispo. Color photographs showcase the specimens that can be found. Detailed text and maps make locating collecting areas easy. 192 pgs., ISBN 1-889786-28-4, $12.95 GEM TRAILS OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Mitchell. Definitive guide to over 70 collecting sites for gems, minerals and fossils in Southern California. Maps, text, and B/W locale photos lead the way and vivid color photos of specimens excite the anticipation of great finds. 224 pgs., ISBN 1-889786-25-X, $12.95


GEM TRAILS OF COLORADO, Mitchell. Features over 90 collecting locations. Detailed directions and a map for each collecting site lead you to over 80 different minerals plus fossils in the Centennial state. Color photographs aid in specimen identification. Information about local museums, and tours make this an ideal travel and collecting guide for rockhounds. 224 pgs., ISBN 978-1-889786-41-4, $12.95

GEM TRAILS OF UTAH, Mitchell. Contains over 90 sites each with maps, driving directions, photos and site descriptions. Photos highlight the collecting areas, and a special color section aids in identifying the specimens. Ideal for beginning rockhounds or the experienced collector of Utah’s treasures. 168 pgs., ISBN 1-889786-37-3, $12.95 The GPS Guide to Western Gem Trails, Kelty. The must-have accompaniment to the Gem Trails series and other guidebooks. Pinpoints over 1,300 collecting sites for 12 western states using precise GPS coordinates. Easy to read format includes site maps, location photos and state-by-state overview. 240 pgs., ISBN 1-889786-35-7, $17.95

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