Rubrik Penilaian Pembentangan

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FACULTY OFF TECHNICAL & VOCATIONAL EDUCATION PENAAKULAN DATA (BBD 30402) ASSESSMENT RUBRIC FOR PROJECT PRESENTATION GROUP : _____________________________________________________ MEMBERS : (1)____________________________________ (2) ____________________________________ (3)____________________________________ (4) ____________________________________


Confidence of the speaker

Quality of the information presented

Level of clarity

Level of organization (Team Work)



1 (Strongly disagree)

2 (Disagree)

The speaker easily makes eye contact, invites audience participation and puts the audience at ease, this aspect of the presentation is a success. The speaker should provide enough details to support the point of the presentation but not too many unnecessary details that may confuse or bore the audience. The speaker should be easily able to convey the point he is trying to make. Vocabulary should be easy to understand, and all words should be spoken in a clear and fluent manner. Every presentation should have some sort of structure and organization, whether formal or informal. Simple things such as making sure there is a proper introduction and conclusion can go a long way in making the presentation a success. The group show a very creative way in the presentation in order to impress the audiences.

/ 100

Assessed by: ___________________________ Date : ___________________

3 (Satisfactory)

4 (Agree)

5 (Strongl y Agree)

Percentage (%) (X x 4)

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