Self-programming And Magic

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Self-Programming and Magic: A Jungian Approach By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif © Copyright 2009 by Anthony J. Fejfar Depth Psychiatrist, Carl Jung, writes about the power of Psychological Alchemy and the Collective Unconscious.

In Alchemy, one places oneself in an Inductive Trance

State in order to reach the Quantum Levels of Mind, where Neuro-Linguistic Programming affects reality. The basic idea of Magic is that spells or programs which are verbal or mental can affect physical reality. This is consistent with all the books that are written about the power of positive thinking. Now, if you read spirituality books, and fiction books dealing with Magic, you begin to see that certain programs or spells work to structure Consciousness, and others do not. For example, one should self-program for a Simple Life rather than material riches in order to be Happy. As Aristotle tells us, Happiness is the End of the Human Being. Additionally, what most self-help books do not tell you is that to change yourself you must also shift the Collective Unconscious of the Quantum Field in a way that works. This must be consistent with the requirement of Liberal Universality found in Kant’s Categorical Imperative, where possible. Thus, White Magic is ordered toward the Individual Good, not selfishness or the Base Emotions. Logic, neuro-linguistics, and Wisdom are all required to in order to effectively self-program for a better Life and Existence.

In order to place yourself into

an Inductive Trance State the easiest way to do it is to engage in Relaxation Meditation. It is best to start with the Subconscious using rational self-interest as a guide, in order to

protect yourself from Black Magic. Next, you begin with Gray Magic Programming in the Preconscious Mind which eventually shifts to the Conscious Mind. Finally, the basic Program must be structured more permanently using White Magic in the Unconscious Mind, which is based upon Reason. Soon the Metaphysical Life and the Spiritual Life begin to Merge. Bibliography Bandler and Grinder, “The Structure of Magic I” Bandler and Grinder, “The Structure of MagicII” Jung, “Psychology and Alchemy” Jung, “Alchemical Studies” Benson, “The Relaxation Response”

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