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The Essential Guide for Entrepreneurs Topics, Terms, Tips and Tricks for Running A Successful Online Business

I'm Cici, CEO and Founder of The Six Figure Chick! I teach entrepreneurs how to get out of their own way on social media, share their gifts, monetize their skills and make being social less scary. In the last 3 years, I have created a social media platform of over 350,000 followers and over 750,000 in sales. Instagram is B.A.E. Building An


Empire. The guide was made by an online entrepreneur for online entrepreneurs. [email protected]

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The Terms 4

A B Testing-


B Testing is also known as split testing and is a method used by


entrepreneurs to determine what elements are increasing/decreasing performance and conversion. Most entrepreneurs will use this method on sales pages, email campaigns, and even social media posts to determine effectiveness. ds Budget-


n ads budget is important for your business. As you grow, you will


need to consider putting money into promoting and advertising your business. ds can be in the form of Google Adsense, Promoted Pages,


Instagram Shoutouts, Facebook Ads, Sponsored Ads, etc.




Exposing your products, services, brand, etc. to new and established audiences to increase sales and brand growth. dvertisement is needed as you grow to seek sponsorship, drive


traffic, and build new audiences. utomated Systems


utomated systems will save time, energy, and stress in running


your online business. Systems include onboarding new customers, mailing list funnels, ongoing email campaigns, social media scheduling, payment collection, etc. vatar


This is also known as ICA, Ideal Client Avatar. An avatar is a representation of the type of clients you want to attract.


How To Create Your Avatar: What is their name? How old are they? Kids or Not? Married, Single, It's Complicated? Location? Education? Hobbies? Income Level? Favorite Social Media Pages? Video or Photos? Early Bird or Night Owl? Splurge Spender or Researcher? Why do they follow you? What are 3-5 pain points your brand or service solves for them? Favorite Magazines? Favorite TV Shows?


Last Book They Read? How much time do they spend on social media? What platforms do they follow you on? What attracted them to your brand? Why would they share your page? What about your brand would connect them emotionally? How much will they spend with you? Your avatar is who you are trying to reach or help with your products, services, and offerings. Having this person clearly defined makes it easier to create a consistent brand voice and attract the clients you envision.


B Backend Systems Backend systems are the programs and apps that run your business behind the scenes. They are necessary for your business and must be maintained so there isn't a breakdown in communication or delivery for your clients. is a website that creates shortcut links. Personally, I refer to it as link makeup. It allows you take long website addresses or links that your client would never remember and turn them into easy to manage words or phrases. The site is free and currently there isn't a limit to how many links you may have.



Three things to keep in mind about bit.lys are: 1. Currently, they are permanent, so once they are created even if you hide them they are still registered. This is important especially for bit.lys that may contain Paypal button sales links. To disable pricing you would need to delete the Paypal button in your account so that it doesn't redirect or update to the correct pricing if it is an ongoing product. 2. Bit.lys are case sensitive, so be sure to let your audience know if you have any letters or words that should be capitalized. 3. Don't use the generic code that is generated when you create a new It defeats the purpose of creating an easy to remember link when you still give your audience a link with numbers and letters. It's a missed branding opportunity and can decrease the chance of your audience clicking on the links!



Blogging Blogging is a shortened form of weblog. For the online business owner, it's a great way to draw attention to your website, build credibility, and create value that will always be available to your audience. A blog can be a stand-alone site or a part of your main website. Blogging doesn't have to be only in written form. Podcasts, Youtube videos, Periscope, Facebook Live, etc. are all great ways to build outside of the traditional blog. Brand Ambassador Brand ambassadors can be hired to represent your brand in ongoing campaigns. This works especially well for clothing boutiques, hair products (including the hair), food, etc. Compensation can vary, some will represent your brand in exchange for free products or press, while others may have set fees.


B How To Choose A Brand Ambassador: 1. Determine why they are needed. Do you need more exposure, to build customer loyalty, to tap into new audiences, or to have a consistent face to your brand? 2. Who represents your ideal client? 3. How much or how are you prepared to compensate them? Monetary, Exposure, Free Products? 4. How often will they be required? 5. Will travel or photo shoots be required? If so how will it be handled?


B Brand Identity Your brand identity includes all of the visual elements of your brand. These themes include colors, design, your logo, your name and symbols associated with you. Brand Voice Your brand voice is determined by the terms, wording, and copy style you use to display difference aspects of your brand. This is shown in your captions on social media, your newsletters, your posts, basically anywhere you have written communication with your audience. Branding Branding is the process you use to set yourself apart from others in your market. It identifies you and establishes your unique aspects.


B Break-even Breaking even is when your business is neither profiting or losing money. It's a balance that helps you determine if your business is creating enough in sales to cover expenses and when you reach profits. To Calculate: How much have you made in sales? How much does it cost to operate your business? For example: 5000 in sales


2500 to operate business (taxes, fees, etc.)


2500 is your break even number everything beyond is your profit.




Call To Action A

call to action is a phrase used to request an action from your

audience. Call to actions include sharing, reposting, visiting, tagging a friend, etc. They are used to draw engagement from your audience. Call to Actions Can Include: Share my post. Tag a friend. Visit my site. Comment below. Share your story. Let me know what you think. Follow this page. Check out. Head over to my blog. Tell me what you're thinking.


C Click Bait Click bait is a practice used to trick a visitor to click links on websites or pages to increase traffic but doesn't deliver the content that is advertised or stated. Content Creation Creating material for your business. Content can be videos, blog posts, social media material, emails, newsletters, etc. Content is anything that will be used in your business.



Content Upgrade A

content upgrade is a bonus added to blogs, vlogs, etc. as an incentive to sign up for your mailing list. These include checklists, eBooks, guides, etc. Conversions Conversions are when your audience completes the requested or desired action. These actions include sales, sign-ups, sharing information, etc. Convert/Conversion Rate

Convert rates are based on the percentage of interactions that convert into a sale. The average sales convert rate for an online business is around 2-3%. The conversion rate is influenced by many things such as traffic, sales copy, pricing, audience, industry, and other factors.


C Copy Copy is any written material used for your business. This is everything from blog posts to social media captions, tweets, ads, promotions. Copy write Vs. Copyright Copyrighting is a legal term meaning to protect your written material. A copy writer is a person who writes copy for your business. A copy writer is often hired for sales pages, landing pages, ads, marketing and promotions. They are meant to help increase conversions. Cost Per Click (CPC) You will see this term in your marketing efforts most often with Facebook or Instagram ads. Post per click is a way to determine if your ads are performing. Depending on your budget a higher CPC means you are not receiving the desired traffic.



CPC Examples: 25.00 Budget


46 Clicks= $0.54 per click 25.00


146 Clicks=$0.17 per click Ideally within your budget you want more clicks at the lower price for the most exposure. CRM CRM is Customer Relationship Management and refers to any of the systems you use in your business to analyze and improve customer service. These systems include email, chat, follow up, direct mail campaigns, etc. The information gathered can be used to enhance customer relations, track spending habits, as well as document and resolve ongoing issues.



Customer Vs. Client Customers are generally thought of as anyone who buys your products or services. Often they may be one-time purchasers. Clients tend to invest more, both in time and money. Customers can become clients and build brand loyalty. What are one time purchases a customer can make from your business?

What are long term investment products clients can make from your business?


D Discovery Calls Discovery calls or sessions are used to determine if a service provider is the right fit for a potential client. These are normally 15-20 minutes and cover the basics of what to expect, to answer any questions the client may have before purchasing and to outline the process. Common Questions Include: What benefits will the client receive from working with you? What are pain points your services will help ease? Why hasn't the problem been solved before? What actions have they already taken for success?



Earned Media Earned media is also user generated content. This shows up in the form of reposting, sharing, testimonials, etc. Earned media is when your audience sings your praises without you having to ask, and generally is more trusted as a true indication of a client's interaction with your business and the quality of your products/services. eBook Electronic version of your book, these are normally delivered in PDF format and can viewed on various devices. eCourses Electronic courses that can be delivered via teaching platforms such as Kajabi, Thinkific, Coursecraft, Teachable and etc. eCourses provide concentrated material either in drip format or all at once in self-study format.


E Email Marketing Email marketing is done via mailing list providers such as Aweber, Convertkit, Infusionsoft. Constant Contact, Active Campaign, Mailchimp, and others. A mailing list is a way to consistently communicate with your audience. Engagement How your audience interacts with your business. In the social media world engagement is gold. The more your audience interacts with you the more likely you are to build bonds that will turn them into buyers and supporters.


E eProducts Electronic products. This includes: Webinars Virtual Workshops eBooks eCourses Online Meetings Virtual Coaching Evergreen Products Products that will remain the same such as eBooks that teach a specific skill or classes.


E Exit Strategy Your plan of escape from the corporate world. Your exit strategy is your detailed blueprint on how, when, with what resources, transitions, etc. that you need to make the leap into full time entrepreneurship.


few questions are:

How much do you need to make to replace your full time income? How will you structure your schedule? How will you prepare family and friends? What's your exit date?



Flat Lay Flat lays are a version of stock photography that can be staged to display products. You can also use them as backgrounds and with brand colors they can become part of your theme.


F Freemiums Freemiums are content upgrade. You provide something free in exchange for an email address. Effective Freemiums Include: Free Trials Samples Free Chapters Mini Guides Free Challenges eBooks Videos Podcasts


H Hashtags Hashtags are a form of free advertising and marketing on social media platforms. They are used to group like content. With custom hashtags you can build user generated content while creating a gallery of your images. The best tags will vary based on what audience you want to reach. It’s always a good idea to have a designated tag for your business/brand, something that collects all of your business related photos together. Someone who may not follow you yet may come across the tag and be in interested in finding out more. With a collection of photos in the same tag, you have a chance to present a cohesive look into your brand. If all of your posts are not necessarily business related it filters out the unneeded ones.



Hashtags To determine which ones work best for your business/brand take some time to do Instagram research. Sift through popular tags that are related to your brand, choose some that are popular but not overly so. Choose unique ones, and when all else fails create your own. Hashtag Audit: 1)What top 5 tags are you using currently if any? Write the tag below and search it on IG, how many pics are under it? of Posts___________________


of Posts___________________


of Posts__________________


of Posts____________________


2)Are any of your pics standing out in the top posts or in the most recent tags? How can you define them more so that you stand out but still get the use of a popular tag? For Exampleentrepreneur has over 10 million tags, my target audience isn't every entrepreneur so I added female


to my tag. #femaleentrepreneur and #femaleentrepreneurs have 300,000 and 66,000. Take your top 5 and add words to define them and still get your great exposure.



Influencer n influencer is a user on social media who has established


credibility in a specific industry. A social media influencer has access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach. Influencers are different from brand ambassadors in that their opinions are assumed to be more authentic. Influencers can be paid or may choose to present brands to their audiences that they personally like.



Landing Page


landing page is the first page your audiences sees when clicking

on your website links. These are normally linked to sales or sign up pages. Launch A

launch is the process you go through to release a new product.

Launches are normally tied to eCourses and products that have higher price points.


launch sequence includes a launch strategy,

launch timeline, audience building techniques, freebies to entice new people to join and often a mailing list sequence. Lead Magnet lso known as freemiums, lead magnets are used to catch the


attention of potential clients.




Leads are potential sales contacts, people who have expressed interest in your service or products. Livestream Livestreaming is the most recent trend in marketing and is quickly growing. Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Periscope. Snapchat, and most recently Instagram Live are all platforms that utilize the livestream feature. Live stream allows to your business to establish bonds with your audience, show your authentic self, and give your viewers a chance to build loyalty.


M Market

The people you will sell to. Target Vs. Niche Though these two are often used in place of each other, Target and Niche are not the same. Your TARGET market includes all of your potential customers, people who may purchase from you. This should be based on research conducted before beginning your business and should consider all of the current trends that would affect a buyer's interaction with your business..


NICHE market is your specialty within the target market. It's who

will be attracted to your "special sauce" . For example, if you are selling shoes, anyone who buys shoes would be your target market, you may even narrow it down to women shoe buyers. If your specialty is custom made shoes for women sizes 6-10, those would be your in niche market and where you would focus your efforts.



Masterclass A

masterclass is a more in depth class that tends to be longer with more specific strategies and action steps than a webinar.

Masterclasses are often focused on one subject or skill set and are priced at a higher rate. Mastermind A

collective of like minded individuals that brainstorms, offers

feedback, accountability, and support to their peers. Masterminds are not group coaching or classes unless directly specified. Mentor Mentoring in short, is the transfer of knowledge, skills and experience. This is often a free exchange and should not be confused with coaches. Mentors do guide, but in most cases, they share their knowledge whereas a coach is a paid relationship. Coaches evaluate, create action plans and hold you accountable.


M/N Monetize Creating profit from your skills, talents, products and services. Networking Interacting with others within your industry to exchange information or collaborate in efforts to grow your business and brand. Niche Market A

defined, targeted area of the larger market based on clear needs, prices and offerings. Niche markets are often product focused.



Open Broadcast Software. OBS is a program used to broadcast on FB Live and most recently Periscope Producer. It allows you to broadcast from your computer to live streaming apps. It includes enhanced features such as adding countdowns, scrolling marquees, backgrounds, etc. to a live broadcast. Opt-In A

term used when someone is given the option to receive email.

Typically, this is some sort of mailing list, newsletter, or advertising. Emails that are sent without this permission are considered Spam. Onboarding Think of Training Day, onboarding gives new members of your team and often clients all of the necessary skills, tools, and information needed to effectively work in and with your brand.


O/P Outsourcing Outsourcing frees up time and in many instances costs by allowing outside companies or persons to perform tasks, manufacture, create, or provide services that would normally be performed by yourself or within your brand. Pain Points A

pain point is a problem, real or perceived, that entrepreneurs use to

create opportunities for themselves by creating solutions for them. Pain points will drive what type of products you create, services you offer, and how you choose to market and advertise to your desired client. Pain points are why clients will choose you over other brands.


P Passive Income Income that is received regularly and requires little to no effort to maintain is considered passive. This type of income does require initial effort to create such as writing an eBook, hosting a webinar, etc. but once created should easily convert to sales with minimum efforts. Types of Passive Income: Writing An eBook Becoming an Affiliate Drop shipping from an eCommerce site Selling Ad space on your website. Hosting a webinar or virtual workshop. Guides and Templates


P Periscope Periscope is a live stream app that you may use to grow your brand. One of the advantages of Periscope is that it tends to be more realistic which appeals to a larger audience. Periscope allows you broadcast live, offering a "behind the scenes" view of your brand. You can also informally teach, offer Q&A sessions, and just in general allow your audience to connect to your brand. Video marketing is growing quickly and platforms such as Periscope increase the rate you are able to convert your audience with the know, trust, and like factor. Podcasts Podcasts are digital audio files that can be downloaded from the internet. Podcasts are often series, installments, or shows.



Product Tiers Creating different levels of offerings for various price points. Product tiers can be used in your sales funnels to lead to your higher end products. I recommend three levels for your price points. Level One- Entry level or foundation products, $0-$50 Level Two- Medium to Higher End Products, requires basic skills, and foundation with your brand. $51-$197 Level Three- Premium Products: $297+ suited for long term investors in your business or specific needs. For example: Graphic Designer: Level One: Free Guides and DIY Templates Level Two: Workshops or Webinars to teach design skills Level Three: One on One Design Work



Profit Margin and ROI Once expenses and costs to run your business are calculated, the remaining amount if any is your profit margin. ROI Return on investment, out of what you spend to create or release a product, the profit amount is the return on investment.


S Sales Calls Vs. Consults A

sales call is meant to result in a purchase or sign up, whereas a consult call is already paid for and you are providing targetted information based on the nature of the call. Sales Copy:

Sales copy is used anywhere you are promoting your product such as in ads or promos. Sales Funnels: Sales funnels are how you take your client from interest to purchase. Your sales funnel includes all of the steps from the product thought to release and then promotion.



Slay Your Sales Funnel Topic: Pain Points Product Solves:

How To Present It: Desired Solution:

Products/Services: Free and Paid)




Search Engine Optimization In tech terms the SEO is process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. Basically, it's making sure your page ranks high in Google and other search engines to drive more traffic to your site. Shopping Carts Shopping carts are the platforms you use on your site to collect your payments. Some common carts are: Paypal Stripe Shopify Squarespace SamCart Clickfunnels.



Squeeze Page A

squeeze page is a type of landing page used to grow your mailing

lists. Squeeze pages are a bit more aggressive and typically lock content if you don't provide an email address. Strategy Session A

strategy session is devoted to creating a specific outline based on the goals and needs of your business.


T/U Traffic

Traffic is all visits to your site, social media pages, and clicks to your links. Unique Selling Position USP is what makes your brand different and what sets you apart from your competitors. Many brands offer the same or similar products so your USP is a determining factor a potential clients considers before making a purchase.




VA is a virtual assistant. As most entrepreuers are solo business

owners, VAs are able to help with administrative and creative duties. VIP Day A

VIP Day is a one-day coaching designed to target to address a specific

problem/challenge for your client. It can be delivered in-person, virtually over the phone, via Skype or Zoom. It typically consists of a series of working sessions during which you, as the coach, would break down the solution into digestion chunks with exercises in between. VIP Days are normally 4-6 hours. Webinar Webinars are online classes generally hosted through a webinar platform such as Anymeeting, WebinarJam, Webinar Ninja, Zoom, etc.


Tools & Tips 47

What Should Every Website Include? Your website is your virtual home. Include the following pages: bout Me -


Your About Me page is often one of the most visited pages on the site and will give new/potential clients an idea of who you are and what your brand is about. Keep this page updated with current photos and your brand mission. Home Page Your home page can be a directory for your site. It should include up to date information as well as what's going on with your brand and offerings.


What Should Every Website Include? Shop/ProductsYour product catalog for current and upcoming products. FAQS The top 10-20 questions that your business consistently receives. This makes it easier to qualify new clients and provides a reference point. Customer Feedback/Testimonials Who's singing your praises? Highlight reviews, feedback, and testimonials. Press Features on other sites, in print, radio, T.V., etc. should be featured here.


What Should Every Website Include? Contact What's the best way to contact you or customer service? Include a form here for pertinent questions to avoid back and forth. Freebies/Landing Page/Announcement Bar/Pop-Ups This will vary based on the design of your site. These will point to your freebies, mailing list opt-ins, content upgrades, etc. Privacy Policy How is a customer's information handled online? Terms, Conditions, Refund Policy This is especially important for digital products, be sure to have it listed how items are received, time frames, and refund policy.


Brand Vs. Branding A

brand is what others think about your business and the

products/services you provide. It's the customer service experience, feedback, interactions (good and bad) related to your brand. You do not have direct control of what they will think of your business, but you can improve impressions with targeted branding. Branding is an action. It's the ongoing process that helps the world see your business in its best light. It is how you will interact, provide customer service, display your product, visuals, engagement, etc. You do not want to create a brand that looks great on paper or on the site, but suffers from customer neglect.


You must build a solid foundation for your business to create a brand that will not only bring customers in but keep them coming back. Ideally you want clients referring your business to others and being a great representation of your brand. Remember: a customer that has a great experience may keep it to themselves, but one who has a bad one will tell EVERYONE.


How to Create Your Brand Mission What is your brand's mission? One of my favorite quotes is " A business that only makes money is a poor business indeed." To me that means, while profit it definitely a factor, what else does your brand bring to the table? That's where you will find your business's lasting factor and your unique way to stand out in the market, Why did you start your brand and what is it’s purpose? If you could define your brand in one word, what would it be? What does this mean to you? Write 3 sentences that sum up your brand: 1: 2: 3: Does your current marketing display these items to your customer? What is my brand's mission? What makes my brand unique?


5 KEYS TO YOUR ONLINE BRAND PURPOSE: Why have you decided to build your business? What need does it serve? Who will you help? PRODUCTS: What products or services will fill this need? How? PRESENTATION: How will you display your products to your ideal client? How will this appeal to this particular client base?

PLATFORM: Where will your business receive the most exposure? Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope, LinkedIn, etc? How often do you need to be active?

PRESENCE: How will you make an impact on your chosen platform? How will you stand out?


10 Ways to Grow Your Brand 1 - Show Respect to your brand.


Treat your brand/business as a priority. Just as you would any other engagement. Make it a point to show up, keep on task, and prioritize. 2 - Nurture Your Brand By Investing In It.


This can be time, energy, or knowledge. Your brand will not grow without consistent efforts. 3 - Be Patient.


Whether this is your first business or your fifth, respect where you are and allow yourself the room to grow,


4 - Avoid Comparisons.


Every business will grow differently. Social media can make it easy to compare where you are against someone else's progress. Stories, work ethic, methods, and so many other factors vary. 5 - Be Faithful.


Too many give up on progress due to the time it takes to achieve results. Create a plan of action and stick with it. You can make adjustments along the way as needed but constantly changing methods won't allow you the chance to see what realistically works and what doesn't. 6 - Avoid Brand and Dream Killers.


Share what you would like with business associates and family, but stay as far away from negative people as possible. Your vision is not given to everyone so everyone may not understand and that's ok.


7 - Be Detail Oriented.


It's the little things that can add up to major issues so pay attention to the finer points in your funnels, customer service, your website and all systems. 8 - Set Goals With Deadlines


It's easy to say "I want to be successful this year", but what exactly does that mean? What are your benchmarks, what is your desired date to achieve, how will you know if you are making progress? Create a road map to your goal and hold yourself accountable. 9 - Follow Your Passion


ll things profitable won't be in alignment with your brand, stay true to


your mission and values. It will set you apart from others and build a quality tribe. 10 - Share Your True Story


Nobody's perfect. Only showcasing the hightlight reel of your business will cause a disconnect. Be authentic and don't forget to share why you are building your business.


How To Create Collaborative Brand Relationships Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for networking . For networking to work properly, though, both parties should mutually benefit. Below are my tips for reaching out to others to collaborate and do the popular shout out for shoutout (sfs). 1) Do your homework. Make sure any page that you want to collaborate with is in the same market. For example is your page is based on selling weight loss products, you may not want to reach out to a popular shoe page. Their followers would not benefit from your information if they have targeted their audience properly.


2) Don’t cold contact. Engage with the page before you attempt to do any networking. One of my personal pet peeves is for someone to ask for a sfs out of the blue. If I’ve never seen you on my page whether it be with likes or comments, I’m not interested. Many pages have loyalty shoutouts for people who are often active, or with simple engagement they may find your content interesting enough to share without you needing to ask to be shared. 3) Check contact methods. DM, KIK and Email are popular forms of contact for IG, but some pages don’t like to receive DM messages or perhaps track all of their information through email contact. The preferred contact method will often be listed in their bio, take the time to check it out. Oftentimes, when you reach out and no response is received you may not have used the proper contact method.


4) Make sure your page is ready for the prospective followers/clients. If you only post every 2-3 days, you don’t have a very active page. From a collab standpoint, if your page won’t equally contribute to the process, you should wait until your page is up to it. It’s not always about how many followers you have to be beneficial. Many new pages that are actively putting the effort into their brand and following have more active followers, than say a larger page that doesn’t interact well.


Make a list of 5 other pages, that you may be interested in collaborating with. Make a list of their posting habits. What benefits would they receive from working with your page? How can you make your page networkable if it isn’t currently? What can you change or focus on to increase networking opportunities.? Page#1 @___________________ What do they do? Industry?_________________________ What can my page gain from their nteraction? ____________________________________

What can they gain? ____________________________________

Page#2 @___________________ What do they do? Industry?_________________________ What can my page gain from their nteraction? ____________________________________

What can they gain? ____________________________________


Page#3 @___________________ What do they do? Industry?_________________________ What can my page gain from their nteraction? ____________________________________

What can they gain? ____________________________________

Page#4 @___________________ What do they do? Industry?_________________________ What can my page gain from their nteraction? ____________________________________

What can they gain? ____________________________________

Page#5 @___________________ What do they do? Industry?_________________________ What can my page gain from their nteraction? ____________________________________

What can they gain? ____________________________________


Business Pages Vs. Personal Instagram Pages A

common question for new businesses who have an established

personal page is this: can you change the name on your page and start posting information for your business? Put simply: no. 1) You can't force interest into your new business. Family and friends that follow a personal page may not support your business in the same way. Being fair they shouldn't be expected too just because they know you. 2) Family and friends are often not your ideal clients, so while you may retain the numbers your engagement and sales will suffer. Create a page dedicated to your business and focus on attracting clients that will be interested in your offerings.


Facebook Groups Vs. Facebook Business Pages Facebook Pages can be limited in displaying your information based on the algorithm unless you are willing to pay for promotions. With this in place you may only reach a small percentage of your audience without paying for ads. Facebook groups can be a better use of your time if you are committed to being active. Your group will become a center point for your tribe, allow you increased interaction, and over time can be a source of information for future products.


How to Create Product Tiers for Your Audience Everyone in your audience may not be able to afford high-end prices and some may not have enough trust in your business yet to make larger investments. It doesn't mean that you can't service them, which is where your product tiers come in. Create your tiers by breaking down your products into manageable steps. Your product tiers will factor into your sales funnel.


Periscope Blueprint BEFORE YOUR BROADCAST: Notify your platforms when you will be going live and your topics. rrange your background and choose a title.


NEVER Scope without a title for your broadcast. DURING YOUR SCOPE: im for 15-20 minute in length. If you have a topic that you can't


talk about at least 10 minutes without other interaction, it's not a good Scope subject. Ideally, your audience will ask you a question and engage, but just in case you should be able to carry your broadcast alone.


Scope Script: 0:00-0:60- Speak to your replay and web viewers. 1:00-5:00- Greet viewers coming into the broadcast, ask for the share and give hearts reminder. 5:00-7:00- Introduce yourself, business, purpose, and topic for today. The introduction should always connect to your audience; you can give your tagline or trade phrase. Give website or other social media handles. 7:00- 20:00 Deliver content. Make notes for each Scope that you can refer to and keep you on topic. Answer questions and don't be afraid to engage. 20:00- Recap your topic with key points. Give call to actions. What should they do next? Follow you, share the replay, visit your site, etc. FTER SCOPE:


Share the replay with your audiences, and recap top points. After the replay expires you can also create a Scope vault for your mailing list or repurpose for sale later.


How to Handle 0 Viewers and Trolls One of the biggest fears expressed regarding going live and broadcasting is speaking to an empty room or having trolls. Platforms vary so each one will build a different audience. Use the tips below to draw attention.Oh and the trolls? Ignore and block, keep in mind they came to see you, not the other way around so something is drawing attention. For New Broadcasters: 1. Use your other platforms to draw attention and promote your broadcasts. Give time and subject to create interest and show up when you say you will. 2. Encourage the share. Even if someone can't stay for the entire broadcast they can share with their audiences. 3. Choose topics that interest your audience and always title your broadcasts.


Mailchimp Vs. ConvertKit MailChimp(MC) and Convert Kit are the two mailing list providers I recommend for new users and lists under 10,000. MC has a great drag and drop interface for creating your campaigns. MC is also free for the first 2000 subscribers so you can try it out to determine if it is a good fit for your business. ConvertKit is geared toward those who will send emails on a regular basis and has an easy funnel system that you can create based on the actions your audience takes.


How to Determine Your Free Content Vs. Paid Content Free content should be designed to catch the attention of your audience and help them to become acquainted with your brand. Free content can be in the form of eBooks, videos, Podcasts, information in blogs, and via live broadcasts. Your freebies should be part of your sales funnel to lead toward paid content. Free content should not be fluff content, it should be along the lines of something you would be able to charge for if you decided. It should make your audience feel lucky that they are able to receive the content and eager to move into paid products.


Webinars and Your List WHY USE WEBINARS? Webinars allow you to build authority quickly and give value. It helps people to trust your brand and allows people to have a preview of your teaching style. It helps to build your list quickly because you can easily teach free classes, and after all who doesn't love a free class. Webinar topics can include: Strategies Step By Steps Skill Sets Design/Create With Me Tutorials


eBooks Sales Funnel 1. Build Interest. Poll your audience for topics, share the writing process with behind the scenes, book snippets, free pages, chapters. 2. Mention on all your social media platforms. Offer preorders 5-10 days before book is released. Create graphics with cover and excerpt from the book. Provide some early copies to get feedback and testimonials. Create a countdown. 3. Release!!!! Again all social media platforms. Have first day only prices and invite your followers to share. 4. Consistently promote and share feedback.


Instagram Promotions Shoutouts/Promos Shoutouts are a popular tool to use for Instagram and when some networking options aren’t available paying for advertising may be a good way to go to increase exposure. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee on how many followers you will receive or sales. Shoutouts are a form of advertising so it’s still up to you to make sure your page is worth following. How to create a great shoutout? Find a page that does shouts. This will vary based on certain industries but often the information is in the page’s bio as well as how they like to be contacted. 2) Get prices and do an audit of their page. Check what type of material they post and take note of how their audience responds to it based on likes or comments. Model your shout after the successful ones.


3) Always choose a clear image, preferably watermarked so that if the image is shared you’ll still receive exposure. 4) Keep it short and simple in the caption and don’t waste space on hashtags here if the post will up up less than 24 hours. Track the successful ones and build relationships with the pages, which can lead to free shouts or discounts in the future.


Instagram Promotions-FB ADs Choose Promote below your photo. Select posts that have already performed well on your page.


Promoting low engagement photos is a waste of money. Choose Call to Action. Sign up and learn more work well. Create Audience. Select age ranges, locations, and up to 10 interests. Instagram can also create an automatic audience. Choose budget and length of ad. When testing keep your budget small and ad length 48-72 hours. You can always promote again with a higher budget for well performing ads. Monitor and track progress.


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