Part 1 – Thu âm Phần Sau: Topic 9: Buildings

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TOPIC 9: BUILDINGS PART 1 – THU ÂM PHẦN SAU Question 1: Are you living in a house or a flat? I have been living in a house with my parents for ages, on a bustling street, to be more specific 15 years. I’d say that my house is relatively spacious. It’s kinda well-furnished and well-equipped. Question 2: What do you see from the windows? From the window of my bedroom, I have a view of a garden of my family. It brings me a green look with plants and flowerbeds. It’s literally chill out when enjoying such a view Question 3: Are there anything from your house you want to change? Actually, I am living on a bustling street as I told you, so the pace of life is very noisy. If I had a chance, I would like to move to a quieter place in coming time where I can live in a clutter-free environment. PART 2 – THU ÂM PHẦN SAU DESCRIBE A BUILDING What: To be honest, I am not a real sucker for building, architecture or the like. However, the first thing about buildings that springs to my mind is Bitexco Tower. It is one of the stunning symbols of Ho Chi Minh city, and it has gained a reputation for one the tallest skycrapers around Asia. When+ Where : If my memory serves me right, I first went there 2 years ago, and it left a very strong impresson in my mind. Bitexco Tower is located on a bustling street – Dong Khoi street, Ho Chi Minh city How : I have no idea about architecture, to be completely honest with you. I just tell you some descriptions about it. It was erected in the shape of Lotus- a national flower of Vietnam, and it has a state- of – the- art design. What strikes me the most is that the helipad was built on the 50th floor of this high building, and if you want to catch breathtaking views at night, you can drop by the coffee house on 52th floor of this building. It never lets you down for the beauty it offers.



Why: There are some reasons why I mention to Bitexco Tower. First, I suppose it is a must-travel place for everyone, not only for its uquine beauty but also for its recreational purposes. Bitexco Tower is famous for the largest commercial center around Ho Chi Minh where you can satisfy your shopping demands, especially if you always set your heart (khao khát) on hunting high-end items Second, if you are a real sucker for photography, don't ever miss this place. PART 3- DỊCH THUÂT TĂNG Ý TƯỞNG – Ý CHÍNH – Ý PHỤ - KẾT QUẢ Question 1. How does the climate of a place affect the kind of buildings that are built there? Ôi, câu này khó thật sự, lý do đó là tôi không sõi lắm về các chủ đề biến đổi khí hậu cũng như kiến trúc xây dựng. Với kiến thức hạn hẹp thì tôi cho là nếu khí hậu nóng, thì các nhà xây dựng sẽ xây dựng các tòa nhà để giữ mát nhất có thể. Nhưng nếu bạn ở vùng khí hậu lạnh thì bạn có thể tìm thấy lớp cách nhiệt kép trên cửa sổ, hoặc những ngôi nhà sẽ được xây dựng để giữ nhiệt càng nhiều càng tốt. Nó khá phổ biến khi nhìn thấy một ngôi nhà với một loạt các hiên và hiên trong một khí hậu nóng. Và có lẽ mỗi phòng sẽ có một lỗ cho một lỗ thông gió điều hòa. Nhưng khí hậu lạnh hơn rất có thể sẽ có hệ thống sưởi trung tâm. Oh, ain’t this a real puzzle? I am not all that proficient in the topic of climate change as well as architecture design. With the somewhat limited knowledge of mine, if the climate is hot, then the builders will construct the buildings to stay as cool as possible. But if you are in a cold climate then you might find double insulation on the windows, or the houses will be built to retain heat as much as possible. It’s quite common to see a house with a bunch of open porches and verandas in a hot climate. And probably every room will have a hole for an air conditioning vent. But colder climates will most likely have central heating. Question 2. In your opinion, should cities have many high-rise buildings or traditional houses? Tôi nghĩ là nên. Các thành phố nên tập trung xây dựng các toà nhà cao tầng vì tình trạng thiếu đất càng ngày càng trở nên nghiêm trọng. Đối mặt với tình trạng đó, các toà nhà cao tầng sẽ cung cấp đủ chổ ở cho dân cư trong thành thị. Ngoài ra, khuyến khích xây dựng các toà nhà cao tầng thay vì toà nhà truyền thống sẽ giúp tiết kiệm được rất nhiều đất công cộng, mở đường cho các toà nhà công cộng như bệnh viện, trường học, công ty, nhà máy mọc lên để phục vụ cho các cuộc sống người dân. I think that skyscrapers are inevitable in the cities due to the increasing shortage of living space. To cope with such condition, they need to build high-risers to accommodate all the 2


inhabitants. In addition, promoting high-rise buildings will free a lot of land for public facilities like hospitals, schools, office buildings and factories to address the needs of the people.


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