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Wilmont’s Pharmacy Drone Project

Revision Date : 27/08/2020 Revision No.: 0

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

WBS Dictionary

WBS Activity 1.0.

Develop Drone prototypes

Overall Project

1.1. 1.1.1.

Initiating Develop Scope and Plan

1.1.2. 1.1.3.

Engage Stakeholders Raise Funds

1.2. 1.2.1.

Planning System design

1.2.2. 1.2.3. 1.2.4.

Cost Estimate Approvals Create a Project Organization Chart

Drone prototype system design and engineering by Dronetech including materials specification hence preparation of drawings related to construction of drones to be later approved. Calculation of materials required for execution and their quantities hence preparing bills of quantity. Submission of design documents and cost estimate to concerned stakeholders for approval. Identifying all the levels of Authorities and reporting structure of the Project.

1.3. 1.3.1. 1.3.2. 1.3.3. 1.3.4.

Execution Purchase materials Rent equipments and engage specialists Complete Assembly Development of Mobile Application

Buying spare parts for Drone assembly and cost of labor associated with it and delivery. Consultation of additional expertise and acquisition of equipment for the construction of drone, in case. Assembly of the Drones according to design and specifications by Dronetech as mentioned in project scope Plan. Coding of a mobile application used for booking and ordering Drugs by Wilmont’s Pharmacy clients.

1.4. 1.4.1. 1.4.2.

Testing Piloting and delivering Interface with Flight operations

1.4.3. 1.4.4. 1.4.5.

Interface communications Information Security Management Drones Allocation

The launch of the drones to deliver prescriptions for testing. Organize the Wilmont’s resources in order to make an interface with Dronetech flight operations and other management systems that control and manage the drone delivery system. Interface communications about deliveries for Wilmont’s customers electronically through email online, and through mobile alerts. Ensure the privacy and security of Wilmont pharmacy, Dronetech will collaborate with IT department. DroneTech will need to allocate a total of 4 new drones for this prototype project.

1.4.6. 1.4.7.

Drone Maintenance/Repair Parts First Delivery through Drones

Budget will be allocated for maintained of Drones and construction of new parts. Delivery through drones will start from November 30

1.5. 1.5.1. 1.5.2. 1.5.3.

Management and Control Regular meetings Quality control and User Training Monitoring the Changes

There will be regular meetings with the Team, Stakeholders, and Cross-impacted areas of the company. Users will be trained to pilot the drone and quality assessment of Drones will take place. Changes in Drone Manufacturing and add on features of drones will be monitored to keep them within Project cost Plan

1.6. 1.6.1. 1.6.2. 1.6.3.

Closeout Audit Performance Close out report Documenting the files

Performance of the project personals and delivery systems will be audited by external organizations or Stakeholders. A closeout report on project success and Phase will be made at the end of project. All the files will be documented and archived into company storage for future reference.

Define the scope, purpose and goals of project. Prepare the statement of work. Do project cost estimation, schedule and other basic documents such as project charter. Communicate with project stakeholders including distribution of project charter, status reports and discussions on scope. Meet with stakeholders, potential contributors and preparation of promotional materials.

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