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Lopez – Caño Nuptials Wedding Reception Emcee Script


Before the start of the program, GET the names of all single men and women play background music

PART II: PROGRAMME Call To Order May I have your attention please? Dinner will commence very soon, so we ask that everyone make their way to their seats and make your selves comfortable Welcome Address Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen…Friends… and Loved ones! Welcome to Roel and Harline’s Wedding Reception. We are done with the solemn part of the celebration and we thank those people who were with us earlier at the Our Mother of Perpetual Help Redemptorist Church for the wedding ceremony. And for those who just join in, Welcome! And so, here we are on top of the hills, here at the Chateau de Busay for the most exciting part - the Dinner Reception for our newlyweds in celebration of the beginning of their new life together. So sit down, relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. My name is Degee, and I have been asked by our lovely bride, the former Miss Caño, now Mrs Harline Lopez, to be your Emcee tonight and they would like to extend their deepest appreciation for attending their nuptial celebrations tonight especially to those who took a leave of absence from work or from school and to those who have traveled many miles just to be with us. Entrance of the Wedding Entourage At this point I assume that everyone has settled down and we are all ready to welcome the newlyweds. But before that, let us lovingly remember, Mr. Pablo Lopez and Mrs. Dolores Lopez, father and mother of the groom on this special day. Let's offer a moment of silence to honor both parents. Are you all excited to see the couple? So am I. Please be on your feet as we welcome the bridal entourage. (Music starts playing – Tonight by Ne-yo feat Jessica Sanchez)

1. Put your hands together for the mother and father of the bride: Mr. Cesar Caño, Jr. and Mrs. Meliza Sepada-Caño. Both looking happy and proud, as always.

2. … ‘And now here comes the (Rel. to groom)___________________ of the groom, Ms. _____________________________ looking radiant and wonderful tonight. 3. …'And now we come to those people who are considered young at heart and spirit, the very gracious and generous Principal sponsors. Let me introduce them one by one... Starting off with: Ninongs 1 2 3 4 5

Ninangs 1 2 3 4 5

4. ... ‘And now please welcome the best man, the maid of honor, the groomsmen and the bridesmaids as they bring energy to the dance floor. Put your hands together: _____________, _________________, _________________, ______________________________________________________________________________ (read all their first names only / after reading the last name, play music)

Entrance of the Wedding Entourage And now the big moment you've all been waiting for... please make some noise and make the loudest cheer to our bride and groom: Harline and Roel. I encourage everyone to stand and join our newlyweds in moving their body to the beat of the music. Pictorial with Guests (After a few dance moves) While Roel and Harline are enjoying the music of Ne-yo feat. Jessica Sanchez, they will be visiting each table for the traditional pictorial together with their guests. (Change Background Music - Slow)

Kissing and Releasing of Doves This time let’s see Roel and Harline hold those two doves; please take them out of the cage. Then, they will make those lovely dove kiss each other. The two doves signify Roel and Harline being released to start a new journey together. Like the two pairs of dove, whatever happens they will always try to seek the comfort of each other and their home together. This is where they know that they will find love A dove always choose one mate for life, and signify love, faithfulness, joy, and hope... They are now ready so we will now release the doves. At the count of three release the doves. Ready.. One... Two... Three... and... Off they go!!! That was really beautiful.

Cutting of the Wedding Cake Gentlemen and gentlewomen! Could we have your attention for a moment for the cutting of the cake? For those unfortunate souls who are on a diet, tonight’s not your night. Ms. Ninadith Scezny will round your tables later to make sure you all have your share. Friends please be up and standing for the cutting of the cake. Now all of those taking pictures, be sure you’re ready for the photo opportunity. Roel make sure you have a firm hand on the cake with your beloved bride. Please do the honors of cutting the wedding cake. …There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the cake has been cut. Best Man's Toast to the Bride and the Groom This time, let’s fill our glasses with any drink that we could get and join the best man Aldwin Caño for the symbolic wine toast… As you all know, it is customary for the best man to reveal rare insights into the make-up of the groom, to share with us, the inklings and foibles that make our beloved groom Roel, the man he is. In other words, an exposè! Ladies and Gentlemen, the best man! (Best Man raises his glass and addresses the newlyweds as he speaks...)

Grace Before Meals May we request Roel and Harline to go to their respective seats? Well I guess the food is now ready and dinner will commence shortly. May I call on Mr./Ms.___________________________ to say the Grace before Meals. Thank you Mr./Ms.___________________________! So there you have it ladies and gentleman, Dinner is served. You are all hereby invited to partake dinner. You may now get your food at the buffet table. Please enjoy your meal while listening to acoustic and romantic songs. And as always, "ladies first"... While satisfying your taste buds with the delicious foods of Chateau de Busay, we will be showing a video presentation which shows an overview of Roel and Harline's love affair. This is courtesy of (Photographer) _______________________> (Guest is no longer waiting in line to get food)

Start of Games May I have your attention please! I guess by now everyone had their fill of our sumptuous food prepared by Chateau de Busay. We would like to thank the entire staff and crew of this place for the wonderful accommodation and service that they are providing us here.

Bouquet Throw `Ok now it’s time for a little fun, because it’s time for the traditional throwing of the Bouquet. For those of you who’ve seen the running of the bulls at Pamplona,Spain; it’s a little similar. There’s always a little risk for the lasses determined to get the bouquet in their clutches. It’s also the real reason you see so many high heels shoes tonight. As you know, traditionally the young lady who successfully catches the bouquet in mid-flight is a certainty to make her own way down the aisle. I’d like to request all the single ladies to step forward for the bouquet throw. The married ladies, who’ve sneaked on, don’t be greedy. This is for single women only. Our lovely and charming bride Harline has been practicing this throw for the entire month, so give yourselves some elbow room.’ (To the bride)

Harline, if you’d be so kind…..’

(INSTRUCTIONS: Emcee bravely motions all the single ladies forward)

`Ladies take your place behind the bride and be prepared to jump high. Fortune favors the brave! At the count of three, the bride will throw her bouquet. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s all count together. Are you ready Ladies? Would you just look at the concentration? There are some determined women out there. The countdown! One, Two, Three! What a throw, ladies and gentlemen.’ (Bride throws the bouquet and it is caught)

We have a winner! We’ll have the Best Man cleaned and brought to your table later. Garter Toss Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s where things get serious. It’s time for the Garter toss. I understand some of the guys jumping for the garter have been in training for months. Underneath those coats and barongs, we’re talking washboard abs, bulging biceps, nerves of steel and these guys are ripped and ready to rumble! Remember gentlemen this is serious business. The guy who catches the garter is destined for the altar next! May we request the groom to retrieve the garter from his wife… Now while the groom retrieves the garter, don’t let any of those garter jumpers melt into the crowd. We have the garter. Get ready gentlemen. (Groom throws the garter and it is caught)

We have another winner! We have the next groom. I hope that preacher hasn’t left the room. Let’s hear it for our winners.

PUTTING THE GARTER ON THE LADY’S LEG. Alright, let’s have the pair here. Lady, kindly take your seat. Gentleman, you are now going to put the garter on her legs. ( Higher, higher- then kiss is requested ) ( Pictorial with Couple ) Bridal Waltz - First Dance Who among the guests present tonight are already married? Wow, quiet a number... Thank you... Are your partners here also? … That’s great! Since we are celebrating the first married life of Roel and Harline, we also prepared something for you... May I request these married couples to pls. join Roel and Harline on the dance floor. (Do an informal interview)

Sir and Ma’ams, all of you will be dancing together with the newlywed couple. This would be a great opportunity for you to refresh your wedding years… You just need to follow what they are doing. While the music is playing, I will give instructions. Music please…  Instruction: o Couples who are married in less than 3 years, you may leave the dance floor. o For 4-5 years … 6,7,8,9,10,11 and so on and so forth… Wow, it’s really amazing that you were able to keep your marriage for ___ years. What’s your name by the way? What you did earlier is an Anniversary Dance. How did you feel when I started calling out the no. of married years? Can you share your secret to our newlyweds? Thank you so much Mr.& Mrs. _____________________. `Ladies and Gentlemen, we now come to that very special part of every wedding party, steeped in symbolism, The Bridal Waltz. This is the moment when the groom walks his bride to the dance floor and they begin a dance that will last the rest of their lives. Put your hands together for Harline and Roel as they begin their special waltz as husband and wife. For those who want to share their luck and fortune to our new couple, you may do so while they are dancing. ‘Thank you Roel and Harline… and to the donors as well….

SPEECHES Our event is about to end but we won't let this night passed without hearing some well-wishers give their message to newlywed: 1. Female Principal Sponsor: _________________________________________________ 2. Male Principal Sponsor: ___________________________________________________ 3. Friend or Relative of Bride/Groom: ________________________________________ 4. Bride’s Parents:____________________________________________________________ 5. Groom’s ____________: ____________________________________________________ ‘Those were wonderful and meaningful messages that we heard earlier. Thank you for those words of wisdom… Giving of Tokens We are truly grateful not only for the presence but also the wonderful cooperation of our principal and secondary sponsors as well as the members of the entourage. Roel and Harline and their parents would like to express their sincerest gratitude for all their help and support and for making this memorable occasion a great success. We would like to request our Maid of Honor, Ms.Scezny to distribute our tokens of gratitude to both our Principal and Secondary Sponsors. Response of the Newlywed: Roel and Harline Closing Remarks Well I guess that’s about everything ladies and gentlemen we have finally come to the end of our program. It has been a great day and a wonderful evening with you all. Again thank you all for your presence. God bless and Goodnight to each and everyone.

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